First investors scam. WASHINGTON: US market regulators said on Monday they have shut down for the first time a digital currency investment scam, charging a company that took millions from investors, "falsely promising" a speedy, fold profit. The Securities and Exchange Commission's new Cyber Unit filed charges against.

First investors scam

Chinese investors claim cheated by scam, confront Monspace founder

First investors scam. See what employees say it's like to work at First Investors Financial Services. Salaries, reviews, and more - all posted by employees working at First Investors Financial Services.

First investors scam

Hi, i recently received an email from First Investors Corporation to come in for an interview regarding a financial services internship. I was wondering if any of you have heard about this? Any thoughts on what i should do? If they've been around since , that's one hell of a scam thier running I'd go just to see how they're pulling it off. Yet another chop shop that makes its "financial advisors" hard-sell annuities and insurance products to their families and friends by cold-calling.

Doesn't require a college education, just the sleaze, grease, and trite salesman one-liners needed to shove a worthless product down an unsuspecting customer's throat. There are no exit opps because outsiders know how easy it is to land a job there and how stupid the typical "financial advisor" is. You will not learn anything important in regards to finance. You will probably get paid a base salary in the teens or low 20s and will be forced to make the rest from commissions.

First Investors Corporation is NO scam. It's a legit firm, as are Northwestern Mutual, Ameriprise, AXA, John Hancock and the other firms whose reputations are being unfairly trashed on this site.

The simple truth is that folks who invest time labeling bona fide firms as "scams" usually know absolutely nothing about those companies, and likely would not qualify to work there. Or they were booted out and have an axe to grind. Wait, run that by me again. You mean to tell me that I wouldn't get an offer at any of the aforementioned chop shops?

You mean to tell me that a chop shop that hands out offers on the spot at career fairs to the naive eager-to-please burnouts who couldn't get real jobs would NOT give me an offer? I turned down an offer a few years back after I did some research and realized how bogus those places are.

Now I know better. Someone I know, on the other hand, got suckered in and is now spewing out greaseball sales lines such as "I want to help you realize your financial goals! These shops are for frat boys who drank their way to sub Blind to the concept of hard work and "too good to be true," they latch on to anything that promises them a small fortune before the age of You are clearly a troll. Why bump a thread that's over a month old if you don't actually work at one of these places yourself.

I actually know these companies as their slimy recruiters and representatives visit my campus for career fairs as well as many other universities' career fairs and recruiting events. There is nothing good about telling prospective interns to gather a list of at least 30 names before they come into work the first day and have them cold call to death.

If you are not a troll, and completely serious, I feel sorry for you if telling people they will die and shoving annuities down their throat sounds like a good career First Investors Corporation Subscribe to this Discussion. Log in or register to post comments. Sorry, you need to login or sign up using one of the blue buttons below in order to vote. As a new user, you get 3 WSO Credits free, so you can reward or punish any content you deem worthy right away.

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It's that time of year where we feel bad about ourselves, but at the same time motivated, because no matter how well you're doing, there's always someone out there who's doing even better. Unless you're a How to deal with that associate?? Hello everyone, I am currently intern in a small boutique and I have some issue with an associate. I would like to have your opinion about his behavior and if you can tell me if it's pretty normal in the industry or not.

If it's not normal, how can I deal with that guy? In regards to my Forum Topics New Popular Comments. How do you spend your bonus? When you got your first bonus, how did you feel? How much of it did you save? How are you spending your bonuses now? A lot of these items have been covered in other posts so I'm I'm a prospective monkey, currently at a non-target. I've been struggling with some personal shit and my GPA has likely Lately I want to read some good ole fashioned non-fiction that has nothing Why the question "Is Bitcoin in a bubble?

I was talking to friends recently and though they love Bitcoin and the blockchain, they think Bitcoin is in a bubble. I don't think that's really a relevant statement. The prices of Bitcoin are Trying to fill in some extra time so I'm looking to apply for another off-cycle. Does the above add value? At least 1 year of professional experience in finance Previous experience screening resumes Strong I have little knowledge about target universities apart from Ivy and would love some help NYC Intern housing options--midtown near times square Does anyone have any recommendations for summer intern housing near times square in midtown?

Could potentially split rent with other people i know looking for housing this coming summer. Good brown business shoes in London? I want to know what are some good places to get some good looking brown business shoes in London. I accepted a SA offer from an EB in a tier 2 city for this upcoming summer e. It was honestly one Small boy with huge potential Hello everybody, I am here simply for advice.

I am in my second year in a three year course studying towards a bachelor's in Finance and Management. I am in a Russel Group university UK I am currently a senior in college at a top 15 university, and will be working in a coverage group at a BB bank full-time after interning there this past summer.

I was wondering how much GPA matters How is valuations and advisory at a brokerage viewed upon in the industry? Are they the laughing Nov 27 - 8: Nov 29 All day to Nov 30 All day.

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