Forex overdrive myfxbook. Results and performance of Forex Overdrive Risk-5%. Discuss, review, analyze and learn about Forex Overdrive Risk-5%.

Forex overdrive myfxbook

Forex Overdrive-FRT Robots Review

Forex overdrive myfxbook. Results and performance of Forex Overdrive Risk-5%. Discuss, review, analyze and learn about Forex Overdrive Risk-5%.

Forex overdrive myfxbook

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Thank you for your understanding! Please enter your email: Subscribe to this topic. I always want to try EA to see the result if can get better result than my manual trade. But after I surfing Shar If you want to do MANUAL trading you better first learn the ropes and gain months if not years of practise trading before risking your hand at forex manual trading.

It is a known fact that manual traders that knows their stuff and have the experience makes millions more than automated trading robots, but why do you want to do manual if all the trading experience, knowledge etc, everything is already coded into an EA?

When I though I knew enough on how to trade, I tried it once and failed miserably - definately not for me. Have been using robots ever since and never regretted one day of it. The real problem you already identified - there was a while where every Tom Dick and Harry would release some Forex robot Holy Grail on the market with fake results. These guys hurt the robot market immensely and also cost many people to loose millions. Now run the test for at least 3 years - if a robot can survive this test, it should not do too bad going forward.

I have bought many robots in the past and most if not all are worthless today - the developers stopped updating their robots and even re-optimising the robot for current times do not provide a steady profit. So far only a select few stood up against the test of time and changing markets.

So test and test and test again before you deploy on a live account. If the tests fail - refund! I have never used robots, but I can understand both sides of the argument. Why don't you try a social trading and follow traders? Personally I execute my own trades, but before you spend money and years buying and testing robots I think it makes more sense to follow traders and see how they perform and then copy them.

Hi Barry, Mannual trading are also for me a up down strategy - 'Make good wins one day - loose it all the next day' I never make constant profits on a uptrend thou. It works heavily on my patience and I eat up my nails from my fingers!!!!. I have bought all kinds of training books - dvd's that costs me 's of dollars allready. The markets goes up, when I go in for a long, yes offcourse it goes against me 'everytime in a 50pip SL'.

Some of the robots trade twice a week and some once or twice a day. That is what counts on the end of the day!!!!!! I have now all the robots on my live accounts - when some robots loose, the other makes it up etc Barry, what robots do you suggest are the best?

All of them has made they money back twice what I have paid for them. If they start fading away after say 6 months. Throw it out and get new updated robots. You can make the calcs yourself. What the most important thing is - 'Learn from the robots' See why they went into the trade and makes profits!!! I think you can learn a lot from them. Hi johan Million Dollar Pips on backtest make any other look like they are standing still - unfortunately on a live account it does not perform that well.

I am seeing wins and losses but currently there were more losses than wins. I will give it another month to see if it can recover from losses else I am going to switch it off. MegaDroid is one of those 'true' evergreen robots - the real magic of MegaDroid is the way it recover losses when it lose and that happens seldomly - had a long trade opened last night by MegaDroid that resulted in a loss.

But I am confident that MegaDroid will recover the loss and more. Thus if they used the same code as used in MegaDroid this robot is going to be just as good if not better than MegaDroid - time will tell.

So far PipJet made 2 trades last week , both in profit. Forex Envy is one of those strange ones - it works even if it is not very accurate. You will see constant trades being opened and closed 24 x 7 x 5 but somehow there is always more wins than losses.

Been running it for over 2 months now and the equity curve is just going one way - UP! Have not back tested this one - deployed directly on a live account and I am more than pleased with it's performance up to now.

You actually get 3 licences with your purchase, so I deployed another 2 accounts at the begining of July - now Forex Envy is running on 3 accounts. If you are interested in buying Forex Envy please use this link: The 3rd robot I am using is actually not a robot - more like a trade copier. If you want to investigate this further, please use this link: The combination of these 3 robots projected over 3 years will result into me retiring from the rat race.

Last but not least. Struggled for over a year just to get my 'recovery code' right. It even hits the broker limit of lots and if not for that the profits would even be much higher. Watch this space as I will deploy it on a demo account one of the days I win, then loose and then fight back to get my losses back. It can not carry on like that!!! Like also said I have 3 Robots running on the same account. Million Dollar Pips are now running for a week and no trades were made at all!!!!!!!.

PipJet makes 3 trades a week still new system and all are profits so far. Please see attached According to https: I think I am going to give Forex Envy a shot at this. Hahahhahahaha - How many Robots can run on one account?

Johan Running more than 1 robot on an account is looking for serious trouble! BUT if you do not have the funds, what can one do? Go for either for high profits or loose everything! MDP was supposed to do that, but like I said, currently not doing that well on a live account, so I had to look at alternatives and something that could provide constant profits. If you want to investigate Forex Phantom further, please use this link: I really need these extra dollars to open an account to run Forex MegaDroid on its own account!

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