Powershell waitforexit exit code. I am trying to run a powershell script within a powershell script. the snippet that i m using is as.

Powershell waitforexit exit code

What does the PowerShell Return keyword return?

Powershell waitforexit exit code. WaitForExit(60) PS C:\windows\system32> echo $exitCode. False 1.[] ; ; ;2 => The last test results include errors. ; ; mtnmaven.comecute Exit Codes ; ; mtnmaven.com?utm_source=site-search&utm_medium=search-results&utm 2.[] ; ; ; ; ; mtnmaven.com to tell PowerShell to wait for each.

Powershell waitforexit exit code

Free Tools Collaborator SwaggerHub. Buy Contact Blog Community Login. Buy Contact Blog Community Log in. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I have two trivial tests. I want to capture the return code from the test, ie zero for good and non-zero for failure. The docs say this should work and in fact point to a list of supported return codes.

How can I get this to work? I want it to work the most in powershell, which is more robust. Since it doesn't work in batch either, it seems like something is grossly wrong? Message 1 of 6 3, Views. In this case, the exit code of 0 means the process was created successfully. Accept this reply if you think it's the best solution to your question. Message 2 of 6 3, Views. That works great for batch environment! I got the error 2 as desired [1]. For Powershell I still cannot get it to work?

I found some help online [2] but it didn't give any return code - I got a boolean, eg; PS C: TestExecute Exit Codes ; ; http: How to tell PowerShell to wait for each command to end before starting the next? Message 3 of 6 3, Views. It should work when using Start-Process Message 4 of 6 3, Views. Always run cleanup script at end? Message 5 of 6 3, Views. ExitCode 0 PS C: ExitCode 2 PS C: Message 6 of 6 3, Views. Join us to win gifts. Can I use Test Complete after expiration of my flo How do I obtain a demo license key for manual acti How to set Test Complete 12 bit as default exe You are trying to call the "Click" method or prope Can anyone give a guide on on to code in Jscript Now it's not working on my scrip


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