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Pushbuttonprofits com. Imagine if we could start making thousands of dollars a month with a push of a button! That sounds too good to be true, don't you think? In this review, I am going to explain what is behind Push Button Profits and give you my verdict if its a Scam or a sweet opportunity to achieve financial freedom. For in-depth training to build.

Pushbuttonprofits com

I hate to break it to you, but this type of business opportunity does not exist. My subscribers have requested that I take a look into Push Button Profits. Here is what I have found. Every month, my staff prints commission checks just like the one at the top of this letter and mails them to people all over the United States who are working with me.

What can I say, another total waste of time. This guy is ridiculous, a scam at its best. We discovered nothing about his secret system , he just produced 2 videos to get me to sign up under his name, to grant his commission and left me to deal with the numerous up-sells inside this crazy FUNNEL system.

He failed to deliver on any promise he made. No, Mr Elliott I am not paying you for these 2 lousy boring videos you created. Stay away by any means.

The most important thing to consider is that along with his MLM scheme promotions he is trying to take advantage of you even with the additional services auto-responders , banners , landing pages , which he could offer as a solution, instead of trying to overload your computer with his affiliate links. I wonder how he manages to keep his website alive. One of the worst guys ever in online marketing. The income disclosure that is provided by the Traffic Authority does not backup the claims of easy profits that Push Button Profits claims.

In my opinion, Push Button Profits claims are deceptive and they are scamming you out of your money. I joined up in PBP. I have to admit. It was impressive at first. But it was so easy that I decided to try it again. These same people, Jeff Gardner and Kit Elliot did the same thing to me in a scam they called Wealthworld about 5 years ago. The primary products that they have to sell are traffic to recruit people into the same money making opportunity you have joined or traffic to the website of your choice.

Click Here to download the compensation plan. No purchase is necessary to participate in the Traffic Authority Compensation Plan. However, each Affiliate position must be activated to earn Compensation. To qualify for commissions you must purchase the product or sell the product three times with the commissions going to your upline. The purchase of a more expensive product qualifies you to earn on the lower cost products. Traffic, Traffic Tools, Traffic Training. If income projections were presented to you prior to your enrollment, such projections are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that you can or will earn through your participation in the Compensation Plan.

These income projections should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Success with Traffic Authority results only from hard work, dedication, and leadership. Traffic Authority offers a day satisfaction guarantee on all initial fees paid to the company.

All subsequent fees are nonrefundable. In my opinion, Push Button Profits is a recruiting scam. You purchase a money making opportunity that sells you traffic to sell the money making opportunity you just purchased. The people you sell to do the same thing. Push Button Profits is a sales funnel that sells you Traffic Authority packages.

There is almost no focus on retail sales. The claims that are made to get you into this money making opportunity are deceptive and are not supported by the income disclaimer provided by Traffic Authority. I would avoid the Push Button Profits money making opportunity. Oh boy was I really taken for a bad bad ride today money down the hole whata lots of bulls its ok you took this old 74 yrs pension funds and disappeared Thanks.

Hy,thanks for the review! Luckily, after watching the introductory video, I have made a quick research and I came across your review. Is there any legitimate affiliate system that works? Hi Ethan,thank you for your tireless efforts in try to help future entrepreneurs from being victimized on-line by scammers. Is it a scam or not? Hope to hear from you soon. I did the SAME thing, hit the pause button and googled if it was a scam! I paid the initial fees yesterday but hesitated before buying traffic.

I listened to their webinar today and made up my mind that it was way too expensive. I am so glad I found this site and should have done my due diligence before spending a penny.

I did not get a reciept that showed the amount they actually charged me for. I also wrote to the other url they gave for refunds, again with no reply. I called twice today and both times, everyone was too busy to talk to me. Message said they would call back in business hours, which it was when I called.

I just want my money back now. Scam, I think so. The company would have no control over this — all they do is sell lead packages via a well-known vendor who taps into the millions of opportunity seekers out there. It takes money, persistence and patience to make any business work. Good luck and blessings…. Hi , Can you review swagbucks. They are not rip-off scam artists as they have been portrayed here and I take great offense at their names being dragged through the mud as they have here on your site.

What their system does is it gets you qualified opt-in leads from people who have highly expressed an interest in making more money and starting their own business. The vast majority of people who have joined an online business and have failed is because of lack of traffic to their web site.

Every online business needs traffic to survive. You can have the most beautiful web site and offer fantastic products but if you have only a few visitors to your web site then all you have is a beautiful web site and no money coming in becuz you have no traffic.

That is what Push Button Profits does! It gives you the traffic that you need from qualified people that are also interested in making more money and each of these leads that you receive are now your new prospects and you need to follow-up with them with an email or phone call to give it that personal touch.

The one man said that he bought 2 packages and got a lot of leads but I did not hear him mention anything about doing any follow-up with the leads that he received. This is not Presto Magic push a button and the money starts rolling in and the creators do not claim this.

What they do claim is that when you buy a Traffic Package at any level you will start getting clicks to your web site the number depending on how large the package is that you purchased and out of these clicks you WILL get leads that is people who will give you their name, address and phone number and you have a very valuable lead and you are starting to build your list which is very valuable in any online business becuz the money is in the list!

They spend millions of dollars on advertising and advertise in all of the most popular money making magazines becuz they are advertising geniuses and have created attention grabbing advertising that produces leads. Theses 3 men have over years of successful online marketing and all have built huge successful businesses on their own and what they have done is to combine all of their talents together and have created Push Button Profits that gets people qualified leads to build their business and you can direct the leqads that you receive to any business that you desire becuz they are your leads and you own them.

It takes work, persistence, integrity and many other things. Another thing that the one man mention is that they give you a whole slew of online training. There is a whole Trtaining Course after you join that they teach you how to successfully market your new business and give you many different ways to do it.

Frank I feel sorry for you. This is one of the clearest scams I have looked into. Clearly you have a different opinion. There is no scam to it. How can you call it a scam? You are given a web site with a great looking capture page and you pay for clicks to your web site and within a few days you start receiving opt-in leads from people who are interested in your opportunity. You are building your list for this bus ness or any other business you choose.

Traffic is what every online business must have to stay in business and that is what they give you for your money! Yes, we do have a BIG difference of opinion and when the money starts to come in I will get back for an update for you and all of your readers. Frank, I tried PBP. Most of the emails were delivered into spam folders.

I tried without success to get Eric and his team to figure out how to avoid spam folders. It is definitely a scam.

How much have you spent? How much have you made? I have to speak here…. Rohleder in a big direct mailing scam about 10 years ago.

He was selling worthless traffic then. Not one single sale and when contacting his so called support, I was told that my mailing had not even gone out on my behalf….. I been in this industry for a long time and these guys name come up…. I run in the opposite direction and stay clear of the smell it leaves. Specialfxs69, I could not agree with you more!!! He also ripped me off!! They steal your money and run!


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