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The ultimate forex edge

Ultimate Forex Edge Review Profitable Simple Forex Trading Strategies [Forex Strategy Edge]

The ultimate forex edge. I've spent endless days backtesting and forward testing thousands of forex robots. In my 7 years of forex trading i've heard it all. From ” Backtesting is useless” to ” The strategy tester is pointless and not live trading. Therefore you get false signals and misleading results”. I don't blame you. I thought the same.

The ultimate forex edge

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read this article, it is much appreciated! Just as any sharing of the FX article training is always greatly valued!! We are going to analyze the expected moves in the upcoming year op to the summer of !

Any analysis that far ahead of time is, of course logically speaking highly exposed to unknown future events which can alter the outlook. But from a grand perspective I do think that there is a decent probability the currency pair could move as shown in the analysis below.

Using technical analysis as my tools, I will show you what I believe to be the path of least resistance and therefore my Forex advice is as follows. These waves love to consolidate in a tight range for a very long time. The assumption of the future predictions is based on this analysis that the currency is currently in a wave 4.

That is the minimum requirement needed before we are able to conclude that wave 4 has potentially finished and the Aussie would be ready for the 5 th wave. That is the most common retracement Fib for such a wave. A and Fib are also possible. The weekly chart is showing the possibility of the currency making that down move back to 0. If those indeed print at the end of this week and close to something similar as is shown now, then we can expect an impulsive 5 wave down.

The C wave of the C wave usually is impulsive and therefore should be completed relatively fast. Especially in comparison to the long and drawn out corrective move of the B wave of the B wave. This will most likely take another months and will be slow and tedious as it is going to take place during the summer months July, August, September.

My guesstimate is 4 months, which brings us to end January Do you think the trade setup is crazy? Or does it make sense to you? Whatever you think, I would love to know! Get trade set ups everyday! Place Your Email Here On this time frame it is obvious that the Aussie is in a huge up trend: The Oscillator gives some more interesting clues.

Both readings confirm the classical wave count setup. With that in mind we can expect the following for the current wave 4: The currency has all the classical behavior and characteristics of an ABC correction: Other things to consider: The length of the A wave is 1, pips; The top of the B wave is 1. Subtract 1, from 1. Hope you enjoyed the free Forex analysis! It would be great if you left a note down below! Thanks and Good Trading!

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