Thv ea forex factory. The THV EA Team and contributors: Development of THV trading system Programming Indicators User guide Settings, bug fixing, features FX Dragon kaizasoze, WackyRacer, AZBOfin and many other members of Forexfactory and THV forum Before installing this expert advisor go to Tools Op ons Expert.

Thv ea forex factory

Lesson 04

Thv ea forex factory. I adapted THV to my trading style to be comfortable with my trades. Here are the main links of forums where you can find a lot of stuff and learn more about THV. Also i will present here the main rules, indicators. THV thread at - THV private thread (Home of THV) -

Thv ea forex factory

A most simple trading system that I have ever applied along my trading journey which i love this t3 snake system for scalping or swing. Trading system that is suitable for traders slacker like me ….

To facilitate and ensure you do not miss this important moment then add an indicator uni-cross that will display in case of crossing Arrow Up and Arrow Down to the top if there is crossing down. Appears Arrow Up 2. Wait until the candle closed 3. Entry Buy in the next candle.

Close Metatrader, you can resume other activities that you like. Check every 4 hours once, just observe the price movement ….

At the time of profit, do lock profits or trailing profit at whatever level you like …. If it appears Arrow Down and valid until the candle is closed. Close Buy your position on the next candle opening. Appears Arrow Down 2. Entry Sell on the next candle. If it appears Arrow Up and valid until the candle is closed. Close Sell your position on the next candle opening. Trust in the system … there may be times when your trading experience loss, as long as you follow the system, then the risk and reward are still very good.

Another System using same strategy from this popular t3 snake trading system is t3 snake v3 and v4. You need to draw trend lines, fibs and ranges in very short time, sometimes seconds, not to mention to execute your orders. Scalp on a demo or small micro account first before going to do some serious on it!!! As less indicators and that stuff you have, as better your overall view. You will see price actions faster on a clean chart. There are thousands of other tools in the Internet and in the MT4 platform, look for what makes you surer in your trades.

It is very easy to make money in Forex foreign exchange but we like to complicate them as much as we can. When I just started, a good friend of mine that works for an US brokers, told me: Buy when the price goes up and sell when it goes down. We need to know how to risk our trades, that is the second more important point in all the forex business, after knowing when to take a trade.

T3 Snake V4 Rules: Above Coral only long, below Coral only short Price crosses cloud — both Trix cross each other and have the same color. Best and most secure trend confirmation is a cross of the fast Trix on the zero level. Other reasons to take profit can be: Touch of a trend line, resistance or support line, horizontal psych level 00 — 20 — 50 — or a black cat that cross your screen Stop Loss: I use this THV trading system mainly for scalp trades but many traders use it in higher time frames.

The 1M TF is only for extreme scalping and needs good forex skills and good internet connection of course and we can use this thv trading strategy on 15 minutes time frame to moderate scalping traders. THV Trading System A most simple trading system that I have ever applied along my trading journey which i love this t3 snake system for scalping or swing. Candlesticks Bars do the same job but I feel more comfortable with the candles Pivots Trend lines Fibs Psych levels 00 and 50 round numbers RSI for divergence and oversold or overbought indication And: Posted in Forex Trading System.


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