Writing options paper. This paper is the second in a series of analyses we have prepared based on simulations of a vari- ety of portfolio strategies over a significant pe- riod of time. The first of these analyses^ exam- ined the "fully covered" call-option-writing strategy and the buying strategy which combines purchase of call options and commercial.

Writing options paper

How to write like an architect

Writing options paper. Knowing how to write a briefing paper is a useful skill for students, business professionals, politicians and community activists. A persuasive briefing . For example, you might say something like: "Bullying related incidents are leading parents to consider private school options. They are linked to lower test.

Writing options paper

A limited number of seminars may restrict the number of students that may write a substantial paper in a seminar. Please check course descriptions. A professor may want to require permission to register for the writing credit of their seminar. Therefore, you should take this into account. No retroactive registration is permitted. For all Writing Requirements: Regardless of the type of project involved, students are, of course, expected to submit original, non-duplicative work for each and every course.

When in doubt about the proper use of a citation or quotation, discuss the issue with the instructor. The reuse of work you did for another class for law school credit without approval is a serious offense that may merit severe discipline. In order to graduate, a student must produce an original analytic paper of substantial length ordinarily at least 10, words in length and undergoes a comment and draft process under the supervision of a faculty member, who may augment these requirements.

The character of the paper: The paper must be a sustained piece of writing and not purely descriptive. It should be thorough, well-written, properly documented, and anticipate and address opposing arguments. The form of the paper: The scope of faculty oversight: Students should present an outline of their paper to the supervising faculty member for approval before doing substantial work. The time for completion of the paper: A small number of seminars will satisfy the Substantial Writing requirement automatically since a Substantial paper is required of all students in the seminar.

In the case of a seminar with an optional one credit writing component, students who write such a paper can earn an additional credit for the seminar by registering for the writing credit portion in addition to the seminar itself. Writing Credit courses are listed in the Schedules of Classes. Find out more about Student Writing.


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