Aaafx forex peace army. or find it too hands on, try a managed account or signal provider that also provides trade copier. Remember to check these out here by reading reviews and ALWAYS buy the trial package if there is any, or try the 1mth package. PS: I have been trading for 4 years and am an introducing broker for AAAfx.

Aaafx forex peace army

Forex Peace Army

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Aaafx forex peace army

AAAFX is an online forex broker. Very very bad experience with this broker. I don t recommend it. For withrawal my money back to my card credir verified, need all my bank documents, statments, proof of Income Submit a digital copy of your tax return or another proof of income document, and Proof of Professional Status This can be a payroll copy, professional card, social security document etc.

It s a truth, a very bad experience with this broker, and young operators with lack informations to help us I don t recommend it a nobody! Jun 1, - 1 Star they steal our money While we respect you expressing your point of view, we would like to point out that AAAFx is neither stealing anyone's funds nor can we consider your claim to be justifiably valid.

First, you did not lose any funds on your part due to any technical issue on our end, as there was no technical issue at fault in this matter. Next, at the time, you did receive a series of alerts informing you of the trading status of your account. Finally kindly remember that you did give your agreement on the bonus allocation. We did not just add the bonus, but we also had your written consent.

However, any subsequent bonuses added after that date are subject to the standard day policy as you were properly informed of within our correspondence. If you have any further questions, we do welcome you to contact us directly. Matters are usually able to be resolved so much easier when our clients contact us directly and express what the nature of the situation is so that we can quickly investigate the matter and find a workable solution when possible.

I needed lots to get my Euro Bonus. This week I had about lots, so I had almost my bonus. BUT, they changed the rules, In their terms a conditions of , you must reach your bonus within 45 days, from date 17 of march. I never received a notification or a mail, about it. I read this a few months ago, but I thought this was for the bonuses in , and not for me, because I funded my account in Because lack of communication and changing the rules withou telling me, but hidden somewhere on their site, and not really understandable.

I think they did this on purpose, so they save a lot of bonus money. I hope they have a solution for me, and whatever the result is I will tell this forum. Are there any other who had the same issue with their bonus, If so, I like to hear it. Up to now, ok, but experiencing "off quotes" mt4 since 2 days with no noticeable effort.

No communication and only meaningless promises when contactiong support. Definitely a dealing desk broker. They do not honour your stops which are filled with big slippage of pips. Misleading broker and changing rules during the game. Took a week to process opening of my account, they don't say upfront that the bonus is not the one advertised but it's actually up to that amount, advertised leverage but it is and actually not cause it's and actually is not even cause the margin doubles cause brexit.

Do youreself a good and get another one. Still not accounted in my bank account I called from the registred mobile and I get one message about thechnical issues. I then called from a non registered mobile and got a different message that does not stated anything about technical issues I hope to see my money cashed in no much longer than 15 days.

Kumar, Thank you for sharing your experience online. Your comments gave us the opportunity to publicly present all the necessary information regarding the case you have brought forward. For security reasons, all credit card deposits are subject to a clearance procedure, which in our case is being executed by a 3rd party processor Skrill. Your case was handled properly by our Support team Director who ordered an immediate investigation in order to unveil the reasons why your deposit was not received on time to prevent the Stop Out from happening.

The results of this investigation were communicated to you, based on which, your deposit was not received in AAAFx due to a technical issue on their end at the moment of the clearance process. The funds were returned back to you after a few days. As a result, the Stop Out on the 04th December , was down to normal trading activity at the time, with the available balance at your account, and the standard margin requirements applied.

AAAFx cannot be held liable for the losses that occur to any account due to a Stop Out that has occurred due to lack of sufficient margin. This is key information and is not hidden. In the contrary, it is posted not in small print but clearly and explicitly on the Terms of Service section of our site. Despite the fact that AAAFx was not responsible for the losses your account suffered from, in token of goodwill and in terms of client satisfaction, we offered remedy, your complaint was resolved to your satisfaction and the case was considered as closed with your agreement.

Once again Mr Kumar, thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide the necessary clarifications to your comments. Video Your company video here? Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. Page 1 of


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