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Channel indicator forex factory

Forex Factory Economic Calendar As The Best Tool For News Trading

Channel indicator forex factory. Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channels or TTM Squeeze on ThinkorSwim or MT4 Squeeze Trend Trade @ Forex Factory. The concept is a breakout trade. These markets often consolidate in the evening. When the BB falls with the KC that is the squeeze. The ThinkorSwim Squeeze Indicator shows red.

Channel indicator forex factory

This system ois based on the Ema neural and Quantum Super Channel. This system is very profitable with low risk. Time Frame 5 min and 15 min but you can use also at higher time frame. There are two setting of this system: Stochastic oscillator 11, 3, 3, ;. MTF Stochastic 11, 3, 3. Trading only in the direction of the trend.

Trend up Super Trader trend blue bar. Trend down Super Trader trend red bar. Super Trader trend blue bar with the same previous conditions for trading. Super Trader trend red bar with the same previous conditions for trading. Profit Target before the upper or lower channel or fast profit target. Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

Juan Saturday, 17 December Admin, Who are you??!! Ron Saturday, 17 December Thanks for the indicator! Larry Monday, 22 February Admin Monday, 22 February Hello Larry, You may post, other examples of trades with this strategy. Ahmed Monday, 22 February I really do not understand the comment from some of you guys. The submitter of the strategy clearly explains what the rules are. That way everyone could be able to trade that strategy. And now it is only a discretionary strategy?

If so, i would skip this one. There are other strategies that work better with clear rules. Also, i read that someone says it is following the trend and no reversal. But on the pictures you can see very clearly that the submitter took reversal trades with the aggressive approach.

I admit that the idea is good. But not profitable as is. I agree with Raymend. I test it too with ea and use also 5 pip tp. I used strategy optimizer on several settings; sl, tp, trend only, stochastic settings etc etc etc. But none are profitable. But i like the idea so i tested some other strategies around here which are a bit alike.

I found iab hft. That is a bit alike. That one is profitable. But i suggest to use fixed sl and tp. Because that way the profitfactor is at least 2.

Some hft around here are great so many thanks to the website and other submitters too. Maximo Trader Sunday, 21 February This is a discretionary strategy. It can not be tested mechanically. The idea of this trading system is great. Quantum Super Channel is an great indicator, find on Forex Factory http: Marco Sunday, 21 February Wendell Sunday, 21 February Larry Sunday, 21 February Hello Raymond Share your test, here.

What simulator did you use? In your test, enter a PT constant of 5 pips. Raymond Sunday, 21 February With all do respect but the signals on the borders of the channel repaints. The channel repaints too. The past signals looks great but when trading in live environment it is very different mate. I tried to test it on my simulator and it was not good. The risk reward is not that good too. I really love the concept but it does not work in live.

I tried it on several pairs in different sessions. Also i coded a ea with exact rules. Both methods like conservative and aggressive. But the results are like simulator and not profitable. I almost code an ea when i think a system could work just to see if it is profitable using nothing else but the rules given in the strategy. I have coded ea's on strategies from this website and only 4 are profitable on strategy tester and live.

But this one is not. Maybe someday with good improvements. Thank you for your try and time. Quantum super channel with Ema Neural. Conservative Trading only in the direction of the trend. Quantum Super Channel with NN. Quantum Super Channel with NN line chart.

Quantum Super Channel with NN line chart conservative. Quantum Super Channel with NN real no test!!! Quantum Super Channel with NN real time!!


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