Forex money exchange sweden. Mar ATM is always the preferred choice unless you have a really crappy bank. Good banks use the VISA exchange rate plus a % fee. Also SEK is a small currency so any cash exchange would be best to do in Sweden. Forex Exchange will give you SEK in Sweden. Go to the top of the page. +.

Forex money exchange sweden

Sweden - Life Without the Euro

Forex money exchange sweden. EUR to SEK currency converter. Get live exchange rates for Euro Member Countries to Sweden Krona. Use XE's free calculator to convert foreign currencies and precious metals.

Forex money exchange sweden

Click to log into the forum or register an account. Forum accounts are separate from other sign-ins for The Local. Hi all, We need to exchange some foreign currency AUD into SEK here in Stockholm and were wondering if any of you know where we would be likely to find the most competitive rates?

We see lots of branches of the Forex bank everywhere but I wondered whether the big banks might offer more competitive rates?

Any tips would be very much appreciated. Forex generally has pretty steep rates, as does any exchange office close to transportation such as central stations and airports. You're generally best off transferring the money from your AU bank account to your SE bank account and pay with the local currency.

You could probably send the money back to AU to a family member or ask to temporarily borrow the money and return it when you're back in Oz. My suggestion would be to make a decision quick because the Aussie dollar is falling quickly to the Swedish kronor and if you wait much longer you could be losing quite a bit on your trade.

You can see the last month here: In my opinion the aussie dollar will be trading at less than 6. I use an online broker which has better rates than the major banks in Oz and better than Forex. Ive been using it for years to send money home to Canada whilst living in Oz.

Thanks very much for the valuable advice. I understand we will always get a better rate using an electronic transfer from Australia but unfortunately I dont have a Swedish bank account yet as I'm still waiting for my Personal Number.

Will probably have to go to a bank. Very friendly local team that you can talk actually talk to. Use the specialists better the difference in your pocket than the big banks. The number is on their website www. Jobs Click here to start your job search. Latest headlines Theresa May 'living on borrowed time': Swedish police bust international begging ring. The secret to landing your dream job at a Swedish tech startup.

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