Forex tsd elite indicators. Seems only a few months ago the elite section of forex-tsd wasn't availing mq4, only ex4 indies, and asking mladen there, their senior programmer, it isn't decided yet if we'll support the current custom indicators imports in SQ 4, as it will have new possibility to programm new custom indicators, which is.

Forex tsd elite indicators

forex tsd

Forex tsd elite indicators. Forex tsd elite indicators, tSD Elite Indicators, boss Capital no longer supports clients from the USA. R1, trendline Indicators, trader ea forex tsd Trading forex using price. Jurik filter simple 1 joe Ross indicator for mt4 inverse transform forex strategy. Some research was created for the signal created in.

Forex tsd elite indicators

I send a message to the administrators of Forex TSD saying: I don't want to buy the Monthly Elite membership, don't want to buy the membership of Advanced Elite monthly, i just want to download the 10 indicators for 12 dollars, i need help. Once regarded as a forum with potential, it has since slowed in membership and is becoming less interesting.

The admin newdigital has a problem with the english language and can't communicate effectively with english speaking members. A trial is available for the Elite Section but such limits you to a extremely short description of the indicator and there is no rating system that gives you heads up to know how the indicator performs.

Unfortunately their admin is allowing the site to go downhill and doesn't appeal to experienced traders. The site has no educational value and is spammed quite often. The moderators are not doing a good job monitoring the trash postings and give me the opinion that they lack forex trading experience. Two years ago, I would have rated this forum a 3 star.

After comparing this forum to how it used to be and comparing it with the other forex forums, this forum is lucky to receive the one star rating. With the growing number of forex forums popping up, Forex-TSD is taking a back seat unfortunately. When one subscribes to the trial, they do not have access to any pictures, excel or statements that show if a system is good or not. I tried to relay this problem to an admin named Newdigital over the course of my week trial and I gave up trying to convince him that in order for one to be enticed to purchase a membership in either the Elite or Advanced Elite, one should have access to some sort of statement, excel or picture showing what system actually works or not.

Obviously one doesn't have access to the actual system, but all I wanted was info on what works, how long it has worked, history, etc and Newdigital didn't grasp my problem. Needless to say, if Newdigital was so clueless and didn't see a problem, then the website doesn't want my subscription.

My point is that how can one tell what works if they don't share any proof of any sort. All I saw was names of systems and a brief Nothing noted if they even worked at all. I don't see a point in having a trial if you don't have access to statements, etc. I don't see a future with this website due to their management and admin not knowing what they are doing. It's a good forum with many educational materials especially if You are MT4 programmer and understand MT4 language.

As always and on all forums even private one there are scam artists, people who try to make some money in ethical and not ethical way - this is Internet and one should be careful. But there are many good threads about indicators, EA's, neural networks etc. I learned a lot from free open source EA found on forex-tsd especially Ellie section. If You are looking for holy grail, for free lunch without any work and understanding You don't find it.

If You are looking for some good programmer and examples of source code, ideas of indicators and EA this is place for You. Forex trading is a business for me, in business knowledge is a key and forex-tsd is good place to find some knowledge, not instant solutions. If you want to be scammed, confused, misguided, tricked, or getting advice to lose your money this is the place to be. Bunch of scammers trying to get you.

Stay away from it. This place has nothing and misinformation and counter-information. I haven't spent any money on this, never thought it was worth it, but I did spend a lot of time reading the free threads, time was totally wasted, came to the conclusion it was just a bunch of people seeking the answers in indicators - It isn't!

Would like to give it 1 star, but I don't think it's enethical. I have been trying to recover my subscription cost to Forex-tsd and they don't answer my email. I have tried to reach them from there forum site and from the paypal receipt. They just keep charging me. I have contacted my paypal account to stop paying them. I have been scammed many times on forex-tsd , by programmers,indicator sellers, expert advisor scams,and signal scams The indicators I was sold was no better than the free indicator on metatrader platform.

The signal provider ,I found on forex-tsd used to lose my money for money I hired a few programmers based on tsd, they took my money and never delivered working software.

The admin would delete my posts and threads complaing against the TSD programming scammers There is a" blacklist of programmers ' which can be found by searching google.

I rate this a one star forum because the admin supports scammers. They are informative,and really they've got information to guide the young forex trader,I've known them for about 13months. But all in all they are good. Steinitz has turned out to be a scam artist. His thread has over quarter million posts and he dominates it with the help of Admin. If you post anything negative about his useless "Robot" your posts will be deleted by admin. So much for free speech.

Steinitz' "Robot" has lost dollars in capital in the EA competition. It stands at out of Because of this I rate this Forum with 1 star. Trading Software , Forex Trading Forum. Video Your company video here?

Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. Page 1 of 2.


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