Malaysia stock broker. List of 15 stock brokers that have the largest shares trade in Bursa Malaysia in terms of values and units traded ion

Malaysia stock broker

How to Trade Stock in Bursa Malaysia

Malaysia stock broker. List of 15 stock brokers that have the largest shares trade in Bursa Malaysia in terms of values and units traded ion

Malaysia stock broker

Online stock broking offer more benefit than the conventional ways of trading through phone calls. No more excution delay because of remiser not in the office or engage with other clients.

The most important reason why online stock broking is attractive is due to low brokerage fees and also there are an option for mobile trading. Because of too many stock brokers available, it become difficult to choose which one is suitable.

The comparison table below may help for you to make decision. This list is still not final as some of the info is not available at their respective website. Feedback from readers are appreciated in order to complete the comparison. Kindly leave your comments if you like to add or found there are errors in the comparison table.

Which broker or brokers that you choose? Check it out Star mentioned below http: I not intentionality cross it out. It is the problem with wordpress I think. I repair it a few times but the problem coming back. RM28 for minimum fees, intra day brokeage is 0. Just to fill in the blanks for SJ Securities.

Their online brokerage rate is 0. They also offer Interest free Margin account. You should check it out. FYI the AffinTrade brokerage rates are 0. Fantastic info u got here. Why no same info for cash? Does it mean that for cash, no matter how big u trade, the percentage is the same? And keep up the good work! Hi, some broker does not offer special rate cash account. The broker that do have normally their fee is flat which is not dependent of the trading amount.

I think your table will be more complete if you indicate if each of these is a nominee account or direct holder account. I have Public account and its a nominee account.

I am looking for a direct holder account, which one recommended? Both of them are good. Hi thanks for listing out this extremely useful comparison table. It helps me a lot. May I suggest to include a link to download the mobile app for trading for those brokers that support mobile trading?

How to get more info on it? How much is the minimum for internet trading? As I know both have different site to log in. I hope somebody out there to do the test. I seldom contacting them but when I do, the response was very quick. When you open an account you will be assign to 1 remiser.

Well, it looks like Jupiter has the lowest fees and reliable. I think active trader should use it then? Normally any broker does not ask for minimum number of stock to follow. Since Jupiter offers the best brokerage fees, how shall I contact them to open a trading account with them. Any idea what is the online rate for TA ,hwang ,Kenanga? I trade CIMB online 0. Thanks winsun, table updated.

Its getting better for cash upfront. When ecmmoney want to offer mobile trading? I may open an account you you do. Hi, I am non-Malaysian student in one of the university in KL, and I do not have any employment license, so is it possible for me to start online stock business in Bursa Malaysia?

Additional info about Maybank2u online share trading. Maybank HOT broking cash upfront brokerage 0. It is an Islamic stockbroking. I have been using this service for quite some time. What are the latest brokerage fee and offers for Maybank? Do they have a cash upfront online trading account? I tried to finding out their products info but could find it a bit confusing.

So, with one to choose? As for me, I opened both. Once alloted, I transfer the shares to my nominee CDS as its brokerage fee is much cheaper i. This rate is for cash upfront. As for trading online, both type of account use the same platform , i. Dear author I am going to write my Phd thesis and I need some data which I could cited by them as my reference, u have lots of useful information on your blog e. Here are some changes to the brokerage services we offer and hope that you would amend your article to reflect the changes:.

Am Securities is best rate now. I just signed up as they are having promotion currently. Im new for this stcok investment. I wanna open CDS account. Which bank you all will recommend for now? Anyway, the intraday fee is additional fee on top of the brokerage fee or if you trade intraday, the brokerage fee is waived and only intraday fee is imposed?

You will be only change one time depending on your trading, either intraday or normal fee, depending on your trade. Just started to understand it. For CDS account, is it a must before start any invest on this?

The brokerage fee is per transaction? What does it mean for Intraday? How to Open Trading Account. All That Glitters is Gold. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. MichaelCho 26th March, , Yee Sze Shiun 1st April, , Just an update from apexetrade here.

I am a remisier at apexetrade. Let me know if you have any questions. What is intra-day brokerage fee? Any interest on balance? Yee Sze Shiun 1st April, , 3: Julian 29th April, , Rafidah 15th May, , 3: Correction for Affin Trade: Musa 23rd May, , 5: Is there a minimum amount that we need to trade?

Is RM enough for starters? The minimum is unit of shares irrespective on the amount of money. Ash 24th June, , Kartz 29th June, , Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into it.

Kent 4th August, , XeNoN 29th September, , 2: Hi, i thought Maybank already use RM28 min per trade?


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