Persia civ 5 strategy bnw. A guide to the Persian Civ led by Darius I in Civilization 5. Includes information on civ Specials, Unique Units, and Buildings. Offers tips and ideas for workable strategies.

Persia civ 5 strategy bnw

Civilization 5 - Filthy's Civilization Tier Guide 2.0

Persia civ 5 strategy bnw. Welcome to Civilization 5 Brave New World Deity Let's Play series as Persia! Game setup for this Civ 5.

Persia civ 5 strategy bnw

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Posts comprised of current leaders or events are not allowed. However, informative posts about past leaders or structures that are included in the series are allowed. How to play Persia in BNW? They seem really fun but as I understand it people are less sold on them ever since BNW came out. How do I play them? Immortals look really good especially if you can get March on them but Longer Golden Ages are nice too but since Cultural Victory has changed too idk how much of a benefit they could be for Persia now.

I hardly know ya! The double healing rate lets them tank really well. A few archers as support and you've got a nice army. Be careful with taking cities since it can make diplomacy difficult. It's especially strong when warmongering since puppets will focus on gold buildings. A nice strategy with them is to get really happy, start a golden age, start some wars, let the puppets build satrap's courts, new golden age, rinse and repeat. Often, I will use artists to start a golden age with them for the combat and movement bonus.

Immortals are nice, but their UA lets them warmonger the whole game. You missed the combat bonus and extra movement you get from golden ages, and the extra gold and happiness from banks you likely will build anyway. Sure, the lancer is not the best unit, but Pikemen, who Immortals upgrade into, are the main unit for a long time. Yeah, I tried doing Domination but honestly I settled for half of my continent I mean it was Pangea but for some reason Harald Bluetooth and Theordora were in their own little subcontinent where I owned 3 capitals and had those two civs and Askia help me gut Portugal's capital before I won a cultural victory.

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This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Want to add to the discussion? Build as many Great Artists as possible and horde them. Conquer the world or win a cultural victory. The Domination helps when you steal a lot of Great Works.


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