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Phd trading system review

Phd Trading System Review -- Cons and Pros-Working

Phd trading system review. Todd Hanson, PhD Wextrade Financial Scam artist, con man, masquerading as a PhD and forex trader. . For the past three years, Dr. Hanson has been working on a ground-breaking project: developing a fully automated day trading system, whereby the program formulates all.

Phd trading system review

Claims to have gotten a PhD in options trading and now lives in a castle. With a horse-drawn carriage. The cost of the stocks options signals service is available in three pricing plans:. It appears that the Dr. Singh Options trading service uses a clever affinity-based marketing scheme. Singh apparently has deep ties within the Indian and Pakistani communities. A lot of readers might not be aware but the population of Indian-born and Pakistani-born immigrants currently residing in the United States is a little over 2.

Quite a large market. The primary religious influences are Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Muslim. Over the years, Dr. Singh has tapped into multiple veins of this community by offering various products that appeal directly to this entrepreneurial and religious community.

Seems like a highly dubious claim to me. Maybe you are looking for something a little less stressful? Singh can also teach you to become a millionaire through pyramid marketing. Obviously, the amazing Dr. Singh has his fingers spread throughout various ventures, including getting rich through spirituality, getting rich with real estate, and getting rich with network marketing. But to keep things simple, let us continue with only the Dr.

Singh Stock Options picking service. Imagine you are driving home after a long day at the pencil sharpening factory. Life is boring, and so is your job. On a mighty and majestic billboard, on the side of the road! You see the following glimmer of hope…. You can hardly believe your good luck. You drive home as fast as you can.

You visit this amazing website and are greeted with the following video. Whom would believe such nonsense? Anyway, for fun, TradingSchools. Org reached out to Dr. Singh at both of his websites. We wanted to see for ourselves the fantastic guaranteed returns that Dr.

Singh was promising to investors. You can find Dr. Singh at either WinningWinning. In our conversation with Dr. Singh, we asked for a detailed breakdown of returns from his supposed stock picks. In fact, the materials that were presented to TradingSchools.

To give you some perspective on the outrageousness of these supposed investment returns, we calculated the following:. And the best part is the Dr. The money back guarantee requires that the participant must be a subscriber for at least one year. And if the trading signals ever lose money, then after an entire year of paying the monthly fee, you can request a refund.

What we really wanted to know, would anyone be stupid enough to believe this sort of nonsense? Org scraped the web and discovered various complaints, which we will include several below….

The emails he sent me at the end of , begining of have an example prediction for the coming week that he challenges you to watch for profitability. Of the three weeks he predicted, one prediction made money and two closed out in the red. I guess he expected nobody to actually check, either that or his reality is somewhat skewed. I signed up 3 weeks ago, was only interested in the weekly recommendations given their much higher potential profitability than his monthly recommendations.

Sent him an email asking for refund, to which got a reply that he only refunds on losing MONTHLY recommendations and that he was sorry. Good lesson for me — read refund policy carefully. He does say that he only refunds if the monthly trades go wrong. Beware of this service. It will make you an automatic subscriber, continue to charge your credit card and not respond to phone calls or emails to cancel the service.

I have tried repeatedly to contact them and they will not respond to emails or phone calls. So, as a solution, we are looking for those that have been taken advantage of by this company. We have informed them by all means of communication we could to reach out to them but they do not respond. As a company, we demanded a return of our charges several times without a response.

The one thing he does that he says he will do is email a sheet of potential trades to be taken each week. Whether those trades have any validity or real potential for profit is a whole other question.

He has this whole story about how he wants to teach new options traders. He has not intention of teaching anyone anything. His credit spread trades. I am a member of this service and have contacted Dr. Their voice mail answers and says it is full. He says you can follow the trades in his account and did indeed give login info for monitoring purposes. His account shows that he rarely even takes the trades himself. If someone can make so much profit from their own strategy, why would they charge such a high premium for their strategy?

The claims are always based on a price you would almost never get in the real marketplace, and never take commissions into account. You are probably Dr. Singh or work for him. Lets see his real trading brokerage statements and tax returns. Anybody who does not provide that kind of proof is probably a fraud and does not make money trading if they even trade real money. I was able to recover my initial investment with a scam broker.

Withdrawal seems far fetched. I hired a professional who helped me get my money back. I will like to share my experience.

When I protested and asked for a refund well within the one month period for which I thought I was signing up they came up with several bogus excuses. When I demonstrated that those excuses were baseless, they still continued to refuse. Sorry to read about the fraud committed against you Steve. I assume that you signed up before reading this review. If anyone gave Dr. Singh any money after reading this review I would be baffled by that. As always these reviews are written well and they are hilarious as hell!

Poor schmucks… Great job! In their mindset they are not murdering anybody or burning their house down…………. Such thieves actually sleep quite well without any guilt. Yet another sleeze machine….. Agree with the follow up reviews as well. All of these clowns just rebrand themselves after a few years just as a business practice.

They all know after about years the complaints pile up too high to stay hidden, so its easier to start over. With the greatest respect Emmett as a long time reader of your reviews , any chance of less of these random chancers and more of the follow up reviews you have long promised on the likes of Simon Jousef and Mortgage Bob.

From a loyal reader. Our Incompetent Regulators will not even fine them more less thrown any of them in jail, more less execute them. I just hate people who just go around scamming folks.

At this point is really not much effort on my part as the shills just post the same nonsense over and over again, so I can just quickly cut and paste my standard response to their nonsense. The TR operator does this being disguised as a financial prophet. I personally find these sites and their shills repugnant trash with zero worth to society.

The internet seems to be breeding younger and younger con men every year. I do believe that karma will catch up to every single one of these pathetic individuals and they will in some way have to pay for every dollar they scammed. Sad that this shamster is taking advantage of those of his own culture who have little education and are mostly uninformed about the modern financial and fraudulent world. I had an indian neighbor at one point who tried to get me into the mlm scam he was sucked into after he had recently moved to the U.


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