Tadawul dubai forex. Hello, Yes, I've canceled my Exential Group Account long time ago (Jan/Feb ). I've received my last Profit payment for November end of Dezember My Cancellation has been filed in February and I've received the usual confirmation: We are in receipt of your account closure request. Should.

Tadawul dubai forex

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Tadawul dubai forex. Dubai-based Indian Sydney Lemos, chief executive of a managed forex fund located in Dubai Media City, is facing a string of court cases after nearly 7, investors lost millions of dirhams when his Exential Group failed to pay out in what is being billed as the most brazen scam to have hit the UAE in.

Tadawul dubai forex

Discussion in ' Has anyone heard of? This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Aug 8, Messages: I immediately default to this being a scam and began digging to try to save these people: Things I have discovered so far: Not damning in itself but seems kind of lazy for a financial company. Company "established" in - why no social media presence? Links that don't work: Returns only placeholder page, no information, 8 people likes.

Look to be young, in their 20s, with little or not financial trading background or education. Each month our results are confirmed by a third party auditor before they are published. Not provided due to protect "client confidentially" - why not use anonymous or fake names? By returns, I mean the amount of money shown on their statements.

A few colleauges have said they have actually withdrawn their money with no troubles, but these are people who have been doing this for several years and may be at the top end of the 'pyramid'. Still looking for the smoking gun. I am continuing to dig as I don't want to see my co-workers scammed, they are good people.

Any help or further information anyone has good or bad would be appreciated. Aug 11, Messages: Dear Samsam, I'm at the same situation as well, and I actually met with some representative of the Exential group. He was ok, not very knowledgeable and didn't answer all my questions which some how raised some red flags for me.

The deal sounds too good to be true, and if it's too good to be true, then most likely it's too good to be true. I've taken the task to uncover some truth about this company. I was able to obtain the following information: If you have any further info, please share it.

I've accumulated some info about this company, and even been contacting DED to make sure their commercial license is valid. Nice information - now the ball is rolling. Having a license doesn't mean they aren't doing something illegal. History has proven that offering returns of this nature simply is not sustainable.

If you can make this kind of return, what do you need clients for? Just invest your own money! Let me know what you find, i'll keep digging too. DED lists as: Is this their DED License number or the category that they originally set up under. The UAE Central bank letter? Oct 3, Messages: Do they recommend or require a specific broker?

But, that doesn't mean anything, because it not regulated by anything here in the UAE! If you live in Dubai, let's meet and we can have a cup of tea or coffee and i can share what I know. However specifically pertaining to the Exential Group, I apologize but I would beg to differ with you'll guys on this one.

I have been a client with Exential for the past two and a half years and watched the company grow ever since then. I have earned consistent returns over the said period and for that matter recovered my capital money. However there was a slight glitch and delay in January when it came to the payment of my profits, as they had just shifted over to an alternate broker.

Hence I decided to test them by choosing to terminate a part of my investment, where in, I received all my dues from them within the stipulated period of time.

This was done just to verify the authenticity of the institution and having played on the same hunch which turned out to be in correct, I have re- invested with them once again.

Having invested with Exential a chunk of money, I have cross verified and checked that they are indeed tied up with Sands Brokerage house who are directly regulated by the Central Bank of U. Your help would be much appreciated if you'll could shed some light on any information I might have missed out on.

Exential Dear Raahul, Of course I appreciate your feedback and again, I am not trying to undermine Exential operation by no means. You input and testimonials is great feedback. Can you please share more info. How you money is safe?

Are they regulated by the UAE laws? See, some of the info should be a public records, because if it's not, then right away it gives a negative feedback. Stephan, Firstly we would like to thank you for coming out through this medium to educate your friends, colleagues and fellow investors about forex. We understand that with so many forex scams in the recent past you are just being protective to all. Secondly, we have answered to all points that you have raised a concern.

Kindly see our reply against every statement made by you. In March there has been a re organisation in our corporate structure on the basis of this we have an Exentialgroup with Tadawul ME and Exential Mideast commercial brokers. Therefore the said website will always re direct towards the Exential group.

Incorporated as a managed account service provider our policies are discretionary and restrictive, hence we do not believe in public and social media marketing. Our team is young and dynamic with the profound knowledge of the product that we have to offer. In one of your post below you have mentioned that we are 10 to 15 staff, I would like to confirm that we are not the number that you state below.

Kindly note that we have registered office address in BVI and Seychelles and we will be more than happy to share the incorporation certificates with our clients only on request. Every trade that is entered is updated and verified by a third party called My fxbook. We do not believe in testimonials and especially fake or anonymous names being published, in that case what stops us from putting up fake testimonial about ourselves. We do provide testimonials on request.

Once again we are regulated by one of the top 5 auditors in the world. Exential Mideast and Tadawul ME are private Ltd companies, such information is not for public disclosure but to our clients only.

Can be confirmed directly with the respective brokers: May be you should check that again. I appreciate that not any piece of information about this company is completely damning and certain evidence of a bona-fide scam, but my gut tells me that this is a classic case of "too good to be true".

Received this email today: My highlighting "Thank you for your e-mail. Therefore, this firm is not licenced or regulated by the DFSA.

The DFSA regularly issues alerts about firms that purport to provide financial services. The alerts can be found on the DFSA web site.

Whilst the DFSA has not issued an alert about Exential, its conduct raises a number of red flags that you and your colleagues should be concerned about. The telephone number provided by Exential, on its web site, was not answered when I called it. Dear name removed , You and your colleagues should not conduct any financial services business with a firm that is not licensed by a financial services regulator.

We Agree If you have any concerns about the integrity of this firm then you should alert the ESC forthwith and not have any further dealings with it. We Agree I hope this information has been of use to you. Thank you all for your patience. You must log in or sign up to post here. Share This Page Tweet. Exential Group mohideenafzal posted Feb 23, Forex Detective posted Nov 24, Guacamayo posted Oct 8, Omy76 Nov 24, Vintage point can i trust it Tjovman , Nov 16, Tjovman Nov 16, Emma07 Oct 27, Sive Morten Dec 1, at 5: Sive Morten Nov 24, Sive Morten Nov 17, Peter O Nov 11, Andrew Mitchem Nov 23, Andrew Mitchem Nov 7, Andrew Mitchem Nov 14, Sive Morten Dec 6, at 1:


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