Triple screen forex trading. This 30 Second Seminar (TM) will explain how this System works, and what signals will be sent to you from the.

Triple screen forex trading

Webinar "Triple screen trading system" - Elizabeth Belugina, Feb. 15, 2017

Triple screen forex trading. FREE TRIAL INVITATION TO LEARN THE TRIPLE SCREEN METHOD. Before i move on to the next phase of the triple screen i would like to take this opportunity to invite any of the admin from forex tsd to witness how the method works as im sure that your opinion will be valued and trusted by the members.

Triple screen forex trading

Now we see the uptrend. Let's switch to the next, four-hour screen. Here we detect the movement against the main trend. In order to do this, we use any oscillator, such as Stochastic.

We see that in a certain moment the oscillator detects the oversold area compared with the main trend. This is the entry point for opening a deal. The third screen is the choice of the exact moment for opening the deal. Usually, this is the screen without indicators, where the pending orderis placed to open the buy deal at the moment of breakout on the support or resistance line is placed. Let's point out this moment on our fifteen-minute chart. Here, according to the triple-screen system, we should have bought the currency pair.

The triple-screen system is a very powerful, proven earning strategy on the Forex market. However, you should understand that this is only the frame that should be added and adjusted by every trader to suit his or her own needs. Remember that without hard work it's impossible to succeed in trading on the Forex market. Welcome to currency trading with Profiforex! This video is devoted to triple-screen trading system by Alexander Elder.

The triple-screen trading system was developed by Dr. Alexander Elder and has been in use since At first the "middle" screen is selected. Its size corresponds to the average duration of your order. Usually the four-hour or one-hour chart is selected. Let's place all three charts on the same desktop. We'll begin our analysis with a long-term day chart. Our first task to identify the long-term trend.

For us, it will be the direction of opening the deal. Since it's a trend system, we trade only in the direction of the main trend. We can identify the trend in various ways.

For example, we can use one or several moving averages. Let's point out the time when this situation happened on the chart. As you can see, Stochastic goes to the oversold area when the main trend is upward.


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