What is nuvo. I decided to try Nuvo for the first time. Here are the results. lol ***Disclaimer: All items in this video were.

What is nuvo

How To: Nuvo Glimmer Paste

What is nuvo. I decided to try Nuvo for the first time. Here are the results. lol ***Disclaimer: All items in this video were.

What is nuvo

Longoria, as captured by fashion photographer Randall Slavin, wears a shimmering pink dress, her chestnut hair cascading over one shoulder. A tear-shaped bottle of pink liquid rests on a table in the foreground, as if Ms. Longoria might at any moment reach for it and spritz her flawless neck. But while perfumes often promise to be intoxicating, what is in this bottle truly is: The new campaign, by the Levinson Tractenberg Group in Manhattan, will introduce six ads featuring Ms.

The ads aim to appeal to women ages 25 to 40, said Joel Tractenberg, a partner in the agency. Typically designed to appeal to men, liquor ads traditionally have featured attractive women, but more as trophies. This is the first national campaign for Nuvo, and with marketing and public relations efforts featuring Ms.

Nuvo is the brainchild of Raphael Yakoby, who in , while in his mids, introduced Hpnotiq, a blue blend of liqueur and juices, which he sold two years later to Heaven Hill Distilleries of Bardstown, Ky. Yakoby then had two formative insights: Women who drink alcohol prefer fruitier concoctions, with 52 percent mixing fruit juice with spirits compared with 44 percent of men and 62 percent liking fruit-infused spirits like Absolut Raspberri compared with 48 percent of men , according to Mintel, a market research company.

View all New York Times newsletters. Sweetened, though not cloyingly so, with fruit nectar the brand guards the exact fruit blend and at 30 proof, Nuvo has an alcohol content higher than beer and wine but lower than hard liquor. And then, Nuvo became popular with men. African-Americans of both sexes who drink liquor are more likely on average to like alcohol mixed with juice, with 54 percent stating such a preference compared with 47 percent of imbibers over all, according to Mintel.

Hispanic liquor drinkers, meanwhile, have a predilection for fruit-infused alcohol, with 60 percent liking it, compared with the average of 50 percent.

Also, through product placement deals, Nuvo appeared in hip-hop videos by musicians including Ludacris and Jamie Foxx, and in Latin music videos by musicians including Jenni Rivera and A. Today, while women buy 70 percent to 80 percent of Nuvo, when it comes to actual consumption, it is slightly more popular with men, who account for 52 percent of Nuvo drinkers.

Drinking a pink beverage may require a thick skin, though, as evidenced in July in San Antonio, when, as reported in The San Antonio Express-News , a man mocked for drinking Nuvo at a party drew a pistol and shot another man in the abdomen.

The brand estimates it will sell about 2. Diageo, whose brands include Johnnie Walker, Guinness and Smirnoff, made an initial minority investment in Nuvo in , and in June increased that investment, and now owns about a 70 percent stake of the brand.

While Nuvo welcomes men, the new print campaign is aimed squarely at women. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser.

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