Association forex trader. Mission Statement The Foreign Exchange Professionals Association represents the collective interests of professional foreign exchange industry participants to advance a sound, liquid, transparent and competitive global currency market to policy makers and the marketplace through education, research and advocacy.‎Leadership & Governance · ‎News · ‎Membership.

Association forex trader

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Association forex trader. Mission Statement The Foreign Exchange Professionals Association represents the collective interests of professional foreign exchange industry participants to advance a sound, liquid, transparent and competitive global currency market to policy makers and the marketplace through education, research and advocacy.‎Leadership & Governance · ‎News · ‎Membership.

Association forex trader

Amazing trading levels delivered to your charts in real-time. Proprietary trading strategies with goal to produce high probability trades. How to choose a quality Forex and CFD broker. You need us because you deserve a level playing field from both brokers and regulators. With traders scattered around the globe, there is a need for an organization to advocate on their behalf.

The Global Traders Association is committed to providing traders of all levels of experience with information, education, networking opportunities, and an organization that will give traders a strong voice. Remember, there is strength in numbers. The widely acclaimed monthly newsletter covers a look ahead to the coming month and articles of interest to the global trader. Articles and editorials are prepared by a range of experts.

Daily features and articles of interest to global traders. Here is your chance to respond, ask questions or to speak out on areas of common concerns to the global trader. Special reports are prepared periodically by the staff of GTA on a broad range of topics for the benefit of its members. Topics can range from new trading technologies to impending regulation. When I started trading many years ago, foreign exchange and fx were the most commonly used terms in the forex industry.

In futures trading, the words currency and currencies were mainly used to describe this market. Over the years, as the foreign exchange market evolved into the era electronic trading so did its name.

Forex appears to now be the word most commonly used for the foreign exchange market, especially in the trading community. So, you might ask what is forex?

It is first important to understand that a foreign exchange rate is determined by the relationship between two currencies, which is the amount of one currency it takes to sell in order to buy an equivalent amount of another currency and vice versa. Prior to , foreign exchange rates were fixed until the Bretton Woods accord ended this system and ushered in the era of floating exchange rates which continues today.

This is why forex rates are constantly changing. Forex trading differs from other markets as there is no centralized exchange to conduct transactions, which usually take place between two counterparties. The evolution of the foreign exchange market has seen it grow from what was once the domain of commercial, investment and central banks. This has seen other participants, with access to electronic platforms, take on a greater role. These include hedge funds, fund managers, multinational companies, private speculators and investors, and emerging market central banks.

Perhaps the biggest change has been the role of emerging market central banks due to the build up and diversification of foreign exchange reserves as they have taken on a bigger influence in the forex market. Forex trading is conducted around the clock, 5 days per week, 24 hours per day, starting on Monday morning in New Zealand and ending in the United States on Friday afternoon. As major centers open for the day e,g, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Frankfurt, London, etc , liquidity increases as each joins in the rotation.

This also allows the diverse participants that make up the forex market to react to events, whether economic or political, at any time they occur. This is especially true today where access to electronic trading platforms provides the opportunity to trade from an office, home or on the go using a mobile device at any time the market is open.

This has seen the retail forex industry grow as traders are attracted by the ability to trade around the clock on electronic platforms with increased liquidity, tight bid-offered spreads, low margin requirements, flexible trade amounts, in up i.

So what is forex? It is the relative value of currencies in relation to the dollar and one another that is constantly changing. A forex rate is determined by a global market made up of a diverse group of participants that operates 5 days per week. The Global Traders Association was founded to give individual traders in various markets their own voice. Too often regulators and institutional participants a make decisions that impact individual traders without taking out the wants and needs of those being governed.

This not something confined to a single national jurisdiction but is a global concern. What is decided in one country can impact traders in other jurisdictions. This is truly a global association of traders.

A couple examples of areas where regulators have made decisions in what they perceive to be in the best interest of traders without a group of individual traders putting up a united front include: There are also arbitrary rules about the order in which existing trades must be closed.

Additionally, regulators have made rules about the maximum leverage permissible on an account. One additional example is a proposed rule in the U. We are not arguing the merits of these regulations or proposals; we just feel that often the interests of individual traders are not being given a fair hearing by regulators or the industry because they are not represented by a large common body.

The only other way to be heard is on a forex forum. We feel individual traders have the intelligence and maturity to make financial decisions for themselves. One purpose of the Global Traders Association is to give individual traders a voice with their brokers as well. Individual traders have certain common concerns about the safety and liquidity of their funds at individual firms and best practices as well.

As individuals we have no leverage with the industry, but as a group we do. The Global Traders Association is the place where you can be heard by a body that has the same interests as you and can exert pressure on the industry for change. It is in the interest of all traders to join the Association no membership fees simply because in numbers there is strength.

The Global Traders Association also is an education source for its members featuring newsletters, special reports and alerts on topics of interest to the membership. We take our role as educator to the membership very seriously. Topics pursued include trading techniques, new trading technologies, regulatory proposals, developments in the trading industry and others. We do not espouse a single point of view, but seek a broad range of perspectives on ky topics.

Much like a Forex Forum, the association is intended to be a sounding board for its membership. It is not difficult to learn the mechanics of trading. But to learn to trade profitably you need diligence, discipline and, trading help. Although a book or an online course can be a necessary and very good start, you can only learn from live real-world market experience and trading help. The advantage of a practice account is that it permits you to participate in the real forex market without risking actual money.

For someone just starting to learn to trade, we strongly recommend trading a practice account to get a feel for how the markets function.

One problem that many encounter with practice accounts is that traders often behave differently when they have nothing to lose than when they take off the training wheels and risk actual funds. Trading forums have members who have been where you are at some point and are willing to help. You can also find personal assistance from trading professionals on some websites at a reasonable cost. We smay be able to point you in the direction of an appropriate source that should be able to help you learn to trade.

The sad thing is that many will ignore this critical advice. First of all, whenever you put on a trade, put on a protective stop-loss order. We can guarantee you that you are going to be wrong a lot of times when trading.

We have seen a lot over the years and even the most gifted traders are wrong quite often. The ones who survive and prosper take their losses and live to trade another day.

Those unable to admit they are wrong when markets move against them are the ones who do not survive. A second related piece of advice to new traders is to keep your leverage down. We repeat you re going to be wrong on a lot of trades and mathematically you will never survive if you wipe out your risk capital on a few losing trades.

There are readily available sources of knowledgeable and very affordable trading help which can jump-start your learning process. Be sure to use them. If you need help finding them, contact us. We are here to help. Online brokers have opened the market for gold traders, who have the ability to trade spot gold similar to the way forex is traded.

This offers a way to speculate on the price of gold or for those involved with physical gold, a way to hedge their risk without having to take delivery. One exception is in the United States, where trading gold and other precious metals is required to be conducted on a futures exchange,. So what is spot gold and how does it trade?

Similar to an fx quote, spot gold is quoted vs. The value is determined similar to the way a currency value is determined by the amount needed to buy or sell one currency vs.

The reason I mention any point in time is that gold trading is similar to foreign exchange trading as it is a floating rate market with the relative value of spot gold changing constantly. In the case of spot gold, the value is calculated by what it costs to buy or sell gold vs. Typically, online brokers quote a bid-offered spread with no commissions, similar to the way spot foreign exchange is traded. Also similar to currency trading where the base unit is 1 e.

In the case of gold, a unit is one troy ounce. Unlike futures, contract sizes are not fixed and the trader can determine the amount to be traded.

Just substitute gold for a currency vs. These include the ability to trade 5 days per week, 24 hours per day, access to electronic platforms for trading, low margins, good liquidity, bid-offered spreads and no commissions, flexible trade sizes, and the opportunity to trade in both bull and bear markets.

So what is spot gold? It is like spot fx trading except gold takes the place of a currency vs. Otherwise, it is offered the same way by online brokers. This includes a similar risk disclaimer warning as when trading fx. One difference is that gold trading can be more volatile than foreign exchange with less liquidity at times and this risk needs to be factored in when trading as well. Home Global Traders Association. Amazing Trader Amazing trading levels delivered to your charts in real-time Learn More.

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