Bloomberg forex technical analysis. Click on the menu to enter into the currency markets dashboard. From here you can see there are a lot of menu options – Price Discovery, Analytics and Idea Generation, News & Research, Portfolio Analysis and more. For today's lesson we are going to start with looking at the FX information portal {FXIP}.

Bloomberg forex technical analysis

Bloomberg Training: Finding FX Volume on Bloomberg, Forex trading -

Bloomberg forex technical analysis. This Bloomberg training tutorial will introduce you to technical analysis on the Bloomberg terminal.

Bloomberg forex technical analysis

FX Market Introduction using Bloomberg. Click on the menu to enter into the currency markets dashboard. The Foreign Exchange Information Portal displays the main currencies but if you click on the menu to the left this will break up different currencies by region and metals. Once you click on one of these you will notice that the screen to the right will show more tab menu options. For example, you will default to the FX Markets Overview tab but there are also other tab options which include FX Forwards, FX Options and Volatility and Economics with the bottom of the screen displaying current news headlines that relate directly to the FX market.

However if you are after a specific currency you should click on the country to the left of the screen. For example, if you click on the G10 countries you will find Australia there. If you click on the grey tab at the top FX Markets Overview it will show you all the Australia dollar cross rates, including the last trading price and change.

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