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HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. I lost thousands dollars on forex trading in few days. Enjoying cash reward and rebates. Can you handle the draw down? Or do you want to be more patient? If you can handle the draw down and have a good stop loss then you can enter now. Or use a Buy Stop plus Stop Loss and turn off the computer. Not mocking, but please don't treat forex as your ego-extension nor forex as a form of gambling.

Better come back here because I am seriously learning and not a punter. That means they are not signal for me to bet my house. They are good and bad indicators.

I have to test which are good. Then I have to test which good indicators will be helpful for the way I trade System. If I swing I used my swing indicators. When the market range I use another set of indicators to scalp.

I have sought out which indicators work for what system. Again indicators only alert me to pay attention to the chart, ultimately I make the decision. Took a long holiday after that. You don't enter a trade when the juice is gone. No road map no trade. No traffic rule don't drive. Always decide how much you want to lose. If I am holding on to losing trades and counting unrealised lost - I will 1 Open all these losing charts 2 Study the price action 3 Understand the path that the price move from my open position I believe if I put effort to stare at these charts I will learn how market take away my money.

I will implement reverse engineering plan to trade. And I don't have to stood so low and lost my dignity. With a map, you can make decision in less than a minute.

What decision do I have to make, that is how much you want to give market. Because my raw nerve is melting. This is a daily chart, priice moves into my area of interest. What should Ii do? Hit the SELL button, idiot. Let it run above that yellow bar then put my sell limit and stop loss. Price might slowly, unknowingly to many sorry to me because I am learning is actually going higher then that. Always ask what have I done wrong that market took away my money.

Always ask How did market take away my money? Last edited by blurinvestor; at Sponsored Links Challenger and Hachi. Page 37 of I lost thousands dollars on forex trading in few days Sorry to hear about your loss. When it comes to trading make sure you win more than you lose. No such thing as sure win. Even George Soros can lose millions shorting the market when Trump won. Then he kpkb Trump cannot make it. What a sore loser haha! Join us at the Forex thread on SSI for light hearted talk cock and punting tips haha!

It is not how much you want to win, it is always how much you are willing to lose. When you don't use stop loss and suffer this massive draw down, never turn around and said USDSGD is for long term investment. It is amazing that the other forex thread exactly reflects the sentiment of the market. A good thread for you to learn how to eliminate noise and stay focus. I could be wrong because I am still learning. And you exceeded 1 million dollars by trading forex?

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