Gbp jpy forex strategy. GBP JPY Forex Simple Trading Strategy - (Works on All Time Frames and for all Pairs - Best used on 5Min/15min/ for short term Trades and 30min/1Hr/4hr/daily.

Gbp jpy forex strategy

20 Pips GBP/JPY Scalping Forex Strategy šŸ¤›

Gbp jpy forex strategy. No Deposit Bonus Broker Reviews: -GBP/USD and GBP/JPY are.

Gbp jpy forex strategy

THE Laziest fund trader in London, Rob Colville, has mentored over a thousand people worldwide to trade effortlessly and profitably in his style. You, too, can do the same. Not only will you find out how to trade GBPJPY, you will then be able to apply this style of trading to any market so that you can take advantage of a far wider range of opportunities.

What many of my clients are often surprised to discover is that we trade all markets in exactly the same way according to the story the chart is telling us, using the universal method of analysing price action and interpreting the story it tells us. Imagine a scenario where you can trade just one strategy which you can use on currencies, indices and commodities on just one timeframe?

Not only does our trading style takes minutes a day to trade but can work universally across all markets and timeframes giving us fantastic profit potential and variety without being chained to the desk. Why have it any other way? So now we have now established why trading price action on the higher timeframes is the smart thing to do and that we can apply price action to all markets. Even you will be learning how we traded specifically GBPJPY in the example below, we would have analysed the chart and traded it exactly the same way as if it was a currency pair or precious metalā€¦this just happens to be the twisted sister!

We apply market analysis and understanding of price action to arrive at the conclusion: We traded it according to what we saw on the chart. We saw that price action on the daily timeframe had retraced to a horizontal level of support and the daily bar had closed as a bullish pin bar reversal on the 14 th April. Not only was this pin bar reversal rejecting a horizontal level, this horizontal level What is more, this level over-lapped with a 0.

An extra tick in the box in support of the trade. We also had bullish divergence which sealed the deal in this being a trade worth of taking long. We had more technical reasons in support of a long than the argument for a short so we placed that trade as an order. With our entry at the mid-point of the bullish pin bar reversal After our analysis which took barely 5 minutes, we placed the orders, walked away and reviewed the trade 24 hours later.

Sure enough, we had been triggered into the trade and were nicely in profit. We had to objectively manage this trade according to our strategy rulesā€¦and we did. We trailed our stoploss to bank profit as well as give our trade enough room to breathe.

We adjusted our stoploss twice in four days we were in the trade, talking not more than 2 minutes on both occasions and on the 23 rd April, we were taken out of the tradeā€¦but at a 7. To find out how this style of trading can benefit you and how easily you can seamlessly integrate it into your lifestyle, check out our flagship programme: The Lazy trader Ultimate. You May Also Like You must be logged in to post a comment. The information of this website is "general advice only" and does not take individual circumstances into account so do not trade or speculate based solely on the information provided.

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