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List of stock index options

Index Options Vs ETF Options

List of stock index options. Index option trading is a great way to trade options on the broad market and offers several advantages over options on stocks. There are several different ways to take advantage of trading the index options that are some of my favorite strategies.

List of stock index options

The influence of each stock on the index's performance is directly proportional to its relative market value. Constituent stocks with higher market capitalisation will have greater impact on the index's performance than those with lower market capitalisation. On 8 February , Flexible Index Options with flexibility in setting strike prices and expiry months were introduced to facilitate the booking of customized over-the-counter option contracts.

The popularity of Hang Seng Index futures and options has developed gradually with increasing domestic and international investors' participation. Below is the list of the Exchange Participants who provide online derivatives trading services for investors. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd endeavors to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided, but does not guarantee its accuracy and reliability and accepts no liability whether in tort or contract or otherwise for any loss or damage arising from any inaccurancies or omissions.

LP Program is a commercial arrangement for the Exchange to appoint LPs to provide liquidity for new products, which require more flexibility in terms of LP obligations and LP incentives and are not stipulated in the exchange rules and procedures.

LP and market making obligations and incentives. The following tables summarise the market making obligations and incentives in futures and options contracts:. HKEXnews View listed company announcements and more on the centralised platform for regulatory filings and disclosures. News Alerts Sign up to receive company announcements or website updates by email.

Contact Us Get in touch with our Listing Department. HKEX Calendar Download or subscribe to our calendar containing trading and clearing information, public holidays and more. Market Highlights View the market capitalization, number of listed companies and more in the Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen markets. Hang Seng Index Options. Proven Markets HSI futures and options allow experienced and novice investors alike to participate in the performance of constituent stocks in the index.

As both local and international investors regard Hang Seng Index as a time-tested benchmark for the Hong Kong equity market and yardstick of portfolio performance, these contracts are consistently used by different investors for trading and risk management purposes. The margin to carry an open position is only a fraction of the contracted value.

Low Transaction Costs As the total value of high-capitalisation stocks represented in each HSI futures and options contract is substantial and only one commission is charged to establish or liquidate a contract, transaction costs are low when compared to purchasing or selling the constituent stocks. Investors should exercise due care and diligence when deciding through whom they will conduct business. Updated 20 Oct Updated 16 Sep Trading Fees and Commissions. List of Market Makers or Liquidity Providers.

Market Making Liquidity providing obligations and Incentives. Corporate entity as client of EP must has an association to the EP and also must meet at least one of the requirements: LP and market making obligations and incentives The following tables summarise the market making obligations and incentives in futures and options contracts: Any calendar month not further out than the longest term of expiry months that are available for trading.

Quoted in whole index points. Changjiang Futures HK Ltd. China Maike Futures International Limited. Chow Sang Sang Futures Ltd. Cinda International Futures Ltd. Core Pacific - Yamaichi Futures H.

East Asia Futures Ltd. Essence Futures Hong Kong Limited. Excalibur Global Finanical Group Ltd. First Shanghai Futures Ltd. Fuji Hong Kong Commodities Co. Glory Sky Global Markets Ltd. Goldenway Investments HK Ltd. Grand Investment Futures Ltd. Guoyuan Futures Hong Kong Ltd.

Haitong International Futures Ltd. Hong Kong International Futures Ltd. Kingsway Financial Services Group Ltd. Marigold International Securities Ltd. Mayfair Pacific Financial Group Ltd.

Metro Capital Futures Limited. Oriental Wealth Futures Ltd. Peace Town Financial Services Ltd. Phillip Commodities HK Ltd. Po Sang Futures Ltd. Prudential Index Trading Co.

Realink Financial Trade Ltd. Shenyin Wanguo Futures H. South China Commodities Ltd. Success Futures and Foreign Exchange Ltd. Sun Hung Kai Commodities Ltd. Telecom Digital Securities Ltd. T G Securities Ltd. Tung Shing Securities Brokers Ltd. United Simsen Securities Ltd. Wing Fung Futures Ltd. Wing Lung Futures Ltd. Yuanta Securities Hong Kong Co.

Bright Smart Securities International H. Core Pacific - Yamaichi Securities H. Grand Investment Securities Ltd. Phillip Securities HK Ltd. South China Secuirties Ltd. All QR issued except for QR in long dated index options. Response to a QR within 20 seconds of the QR. Not less than 20 seconds, unless a change in the price level of the Spot Month Futures Contracts of the underlying index occurs during the 20 seconds display period, in which case, market makers may change their quotes.

Quote Size 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , 4 th calendar.


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