Mti forex trading reviews. Thanks for reading today's review of Market Traders Institute. What is Market Traders Institute? The company is a day trading educational company that specializes in the Forex markets. The company was founded in by Jared Martinez. The business is located at Millenia Avenue, Orlando Florida.

Mti forex trading reviews

Fibonacci Trader's Forex Checklist from Market Traders Institute

Mti forex trading reviews. MTI's had some negative reviews written about them in the past and some of it may have had merit, others are sensationalized by a scorned former employee, for whatever reason. Time is a This is a mind numbing extraordinary amount of dials to poor people looking to get rich quick in the Forex market. Even if you make.

Mti forex trading reviews

Market Traders Institute Interested for your company? Working at MTI was very rewarding in 4 reviews. This is a very fast paced environment and we live by our core values in 6 reviews. Great pay , performance based pay in 5 reviews. They manipulate the numbers to make the numbers look good for the level 10 meeting in 3 reviews. The Martinez family are nice but they have no idea how others are running the company for them, so I came up with this list to make your life easier: I was hired at a junior level, and without warning and without any negative reviews , I was shown the door at 7 months because I was junior level in 3 reviews.

MTI however only had one con for me, and that was the lack of training in 8 reviews. Working at MTI was very rewarding. The culture was very fun and fast-paced. One of the only constants at MTI was change, which may be off-putting to some, but it helps you to grow immensely. We often spoke about different levels of comfort.

There are three levels; comfortable, uncomfortable and overwhelmed. When you're comfortable or overwhelmed, you learn nothing. But, when you're uncomfortable, that's where the magic happens. Early in my career at MTI I was uncomfortable all the time; doing things I'd never done, saying things I'd never said and being a bit overwhelmed with the changes which came so often.

When I learned to embrace these as positive influences is when my career with MTI took off. I achieved so much in such a short space of time and I regret having to leave the company when I did. I think the question you need to ask yourself if you're considering working at MTI is: In addition to that, they pay extremely well and have amazing benefits to boot. I'm not just talking about a ping-pong table, which yes, they do have one -- I'm talking about free healthcare, free snacks and drinks every day, free breakfast on Friday mornings and company sponsored events where you're rewarded for your success.

This company definitely knows how to spread the wealth and enjoy the victories that it accomplishes. During my time at MTI, we grew exponentially. Thus, I have only experienced a handful of months where a team underperformed. When this happened, we didn't get someone shouting at us, we ramped up training and tried to focus in on the problems and challenges we faced.

I appreciated not being blamed for the problem. It really depends on your attitude and your emotion level. MTI's had some negative reviews written about them in the past and some of it may have had merit, others are sensationalized by a scorned former employee, for whatever reason. Time is a wonderful thing however.

It's been more than a year and a half since I worked at MTI and having the hindsight of working in other organizations helps you to realize all the good that MTI had to offer.

Over my three plus years working at MTI, I did experience "cons" but to the company's credit, they always made efforts to improve on those and move past them. I think that is a mark of a good company, one that sees a mistake and does their best to make it right.

MTI has made plenty of mistakes along the way, but so has each of us in our own lives. The difference is, we don't have people writing reviews about us every day to air out our dirty laundry. And if people could write a review about their experience with you personally, for the world to see, what would it say? I guarantee we wouldn't have a perfect five stars either, would we? Continue with the culture you have in place. Continue to work hard to overcome some of the challenges internally, which you're aware of.

Diversify senior leadership a bit more to encourage new thoughts and ideas from top-down, which would also stimulate the talent in the company and the trader's consuming the product. Do you know the difference between a salary and a draw? Well this company does not. This is a mind numbing extraordinary amount of dials to poor people looking to get rich quick in the Forex market.

Even if you make a sale, which I did, it's irrelevant. They are looking for people who are getting paid less somewhere else hourly and then get a pay boost here and are validated as "better" than somewhere else. Except, it's a lowest common denominator. If that is how you operate -- then this is not a con.

Like other places in town, there are 3 to 5 people that make the money based on the lead flow. Fire the village idiot before he burns the whole place down. If you look on Glassdoor, the same position is being advertised. A waste of time. The worst thing is I did a confidential employee survey and the next business day after the Thanksgiving holiday I was retaliated by the village idiot.

Clearly threatened by someone who is more qualified and educated. His condescending lectures, pointless self-aggrandizement during "training," and his offensive harassment - yes - harassment is the primary reason I gave the entire company 1 star.

I shared my concerns with senior leadership and HR and like in most places that pay a lot of lip service to open door policies The village idiot is more valuable than an MBA. I came here because I was "sold" that this is a consultative sale. It is not, it is a hustle. Literally hustling money out of people.

I decided to wait a few months before writing this review, as I didn't want it to be based on emotions, but instead based on facts.

I worked at MTI from to , and in these years I've witnessed this company grow from a one floor suite in Lake Mary, to a privately owned building in Millenia.

This company is very fast paced and thrives for grow and success. With this in mind, understand that this is a for profit company, and sales and numbers are just as important. This company pays their employees extremely well! I never had an issue with management until the end of my time at MTI. Most of the upper management have an open door policy and will do anything to make your job easier!

Success at this company truly depends on whether or not your in the right position, and how hungry you are for success. Unfortunately my time at MTI ended due to my lack of care. At the time of my employment I did not care for my manager and the 'dog eat dog' environment of the department I worked in. I let this affect me and just really stopped trying.

The company is divided into 4 sections. Depending on what position your deciding to apply for, your experience will depend on your manager. The entire Martinez family is fantastic, but they unfortunately don't play a role in your day to day job. MTI is again, a great company for the right person. MTI is a company for the right person to retire. Every company has cons, and to think that they don't is quite naive. MTI however only had one con for me, and that was the lack of training.

This isn't necessarily for new employees, but for employees being promoted to jobs that they may not have been qualified for.

But to keep with the 'Grow Fast or Die' mentally, you're kind of expected to move forward as the opportunities present themselves. Towards my end at MTI I did see this being improved and this may not even be an issue for anyone any longer. Turnover is quite high at this company. There were many times in which I requested to be transferred to a different department and was told I was needed in my current position to only be laid off due to 'budgets'.

We want to thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. We have been working hard to become the employer of choice for Central Florida as well as an outstanding community partner.

We appreciate your specific feedback on our training and development and will continue to look for ways to improve and expand departmental and self-development opportunities. Free breakfast Fridays Snacks in breakroom Ping pong table I learned a lot on how to overcome objections and build value in a product which I am thankful for. This place is honestly the least professional place I have ever worked.

They have favoritism and if you're not part of the "group" you're out. The ultimate traders package is basic entry level information to the market. The client only webinars are simply them pitching you other products that they say you need to buy to be more successful. If you want a career don't waste your time here unless you're desperate for a paycheck to make ends meet.

I wasted a good portion of my life here. MTi values all feedback and we will continue to find ways to improve. We do wish you well and hope you find an environment that you will not only enjoy, but thrive! Continue growing, continue learning. The atmosphere is fun and welcoming! The company started within the family and has grown to almost employees, even with this size I honestly felt part of the family. I am very close to my team and leaving my coworkers will be the hardest part.

This is the first job where I was truly excited to come to work. It was challenging at times, but these challenges have allowed me to grow personally.


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