Put my number on no call list. Tips to help you stop unwanted calls and information about the National Do Not Call Registry. You can reduce the number of unwanted sales calls you get by signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry. It's free. Visit mtnmaven.com to Someone called and offered to put my name on the Registry. Should I let them?

Put my number on no call list

Do NOT Call This PHONE NUMBER at 3:00 AM!!! (The Devil's Hour)

Put my number on no call list. In addition, some of these email campaigns suggest that there is a separate do-not-call "cell phone registry," which you must call to have your wireless phone number covered by the do-not-call rules. This information is inaccurate. The facts Even if a wireless directory is established, most telemarketing calls to wireless.

Put my number on no call list

In they passed the 'Do Not Call' list, at the time that was a great law and it worked really, really well. But now since the internet has become so much less expensive to use, people who would like to make a phone call solicitation can make millions of calls for pennies on the dollar simply by having a decent computer setup and a phone number.

Before when people would call one number at a time and they would kind of cycle through numbers — it would take some time, it would cost a little bit more money. Now, these companies can call thousands and thousands and thousands of phone numbers in a matter of seconds for very little money.

If they're trying to scam you out of money, they don't care if you've signed up for the 'Do Not Call' list. So the laws just haven't been able to keep up with technology and that's why we've been calling on major telephone companies to give consumers, their customers, tools to stop blocking these calls before they get to our homes.

On why it's difficult for the government to stop the calls. It's happening in Jamaica, or the Virgin Islands, or something like that. The fact is that the FTC and the FCC — the regulators who deal with a lot of this — and a lot of attorney generals, have gone after legitimate companies that have violated the Telephone Communication Protection Act. And now we're seeing it get even more bold.

I'm here in the West Coast in San Francisco and I get numbers all the time with the area code that looks an awful like either my phone number or a phone number that could potentially be a call I think I should take.

One of those was a company called Nomorobo. It allows people to sign up for this service if they had voice over internet protocol and now they have a cell phone app that you can sign up for, and that allows you to start blocking phone calls. Somebody like Time Warner Cable, actually, did a really great thing. They allowed their customers to basically one-click opt in to Nomorobo and we've heard from consumers that it works really well, that they've seen the number of robocalls drop.

It feels good when you're a customer and your company starts listening to you. One place where the phone companies have been helpful is teaming up with a lot of the different applications that are out there along with regulators and they meet and they basically say, 'OK, what are the bad phone numbers that these calls are coming from? So reporting the numbers is really, really helpful to the regulators and to the phone companies.

But at the end of the day, stopping them, you can sign up for Nomorobo, or a service similar like that if you have voice over internet protocol or if you have a cellphone. The best thing to do when you get a call is just not do anything. Tim Marvin , campaign director for EndRobocalls. Skip to main content. BBC Newsday Value this story? More Close close more. Share Twitter facebook Email.


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