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Service trade software

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Service trade software. U.S. Service Trade Balance Passenger fares, tage, and where the greatest strategic benefits for other American industries lie, World Trade in Services Total world services trade—the sum of all countries' exports or imports—grew at an annual rate averaging 6 percent during the period , although, at $ billion in.

Service trade software

ServiceTrade is a SaaS platform that provides customer service applications for commercial service contractors. ServiceTrade streamlines service operations for single or multiple offices by managing work orders, scheduling planned and emergency services, and integrating with most accounting platforms to eliminate double data entry. Native iOS and Android apps give technicians their schedules, appointment details, and ways to record what they discover on the job in photos and audio notes.

By taking customer service online, commercial contractors can convert service delivery into digital marketing impressions that are memorable and helpful to customers long after the service call. Shannon from Team Specialty: Other Number of employees: User friendly I can keep track of techs time, keep track of quotes, I can look up service pictures, I can send emails to customer that have questions on the job, I see all the techs comments, and the fact I can listen to voice recorded message from the techs while they are on a job.

Service trade might go down for 5 mins every now an then, no big deal cause it comes right back up. There is really not a lot of cons for service trade.

Alana from Team Specialty: It is easy to use. It makes the needed information available anytime you need access to it. Dustin from Triangle Fire Protection, Inc. Very user friendly for the administrator to navigate everyday use. Work that is due is very easy to identify and schedule. Still experiencing glitches in ServiceTrade generated forms. Using both the app along with the pdf editor to modify forms requires too many steps, it would be nice to perform all tasks within the app.

Massive improvement to our productivity and general processes. Easy to track jobs - opportunities and regular service Tech support very fast and communicates extremely well.

Integration with other platforms still has some small holes. Use of system over external servers can slow down interactions. Jason from Gray Security Services, Inc. We have been using this software for 3 months and have been satisfied, so far. Their customer service is great, very knowledgeable and quick to respond!

In the short time I have been using ServiceTrade, it has made my life much easier. It is very user friendly, and the customer support when I do have questions is outstanding. Mark from Hospitality Services Inc. Cleaning Services Number of employees: I love that I am able to upload a lot of pictures at one time.

Uploads of documents are very fast. Unlike other software programs we rarely lose information. Customer service is fast, efficient and friendly. These guys really know what they are doing. I have had few problems with Service Trade but when I have had a problem their customer service has resolved it in a matter of minutes. It sometimes takes a long time to upload if I am sending a lot of pictures but it is still faster than other programs I have used.

I have been using Servicetrade for close to 2 yrs and find it easy to use and self-explanatory. From setting up services to creating jobs it is simple and direct. HVAC Number of employees: I have had this system for almost 4 years and found when we had selected it that is had the features we needed at the most economical cost.

As we have expanded as a company the use of Service trade features has expanded and our customers think the service link feature is the tremendous device for use.

The support from the home office for Service trade is excellent and very helpful. It's a great fit for us. Ease of use and not the ability for our technicians to see what work has occurred and being able to send service link to customers showing the work what was done and the photos of the work. Jill from Team Services Specialty: ServiceTrade allows me to stay organized, ensure my work gets completed on time, and effectively communicate with my customers, utilizing the most up-to-date technology out there.

It talks about the other programs we utilize as a company seamlessly! My technicians love the "live" communication and ability to send them everything they need instantly. Our quality assurance measures have improved since we are more easily able to review our work. Our quotes get approved faster since we are able to send audio notes, photos, and a one-click approval page in one simple email.

I honestly do not know how we ever did business before adopting Service Trade! I use Service Trade every day! I don't know what I would do without it. It is very easy to use and allows our customers to view jobs completed through service links. We can easily attach paperwork and schedule within seconds. My favorite thing about this product is how easy and capable it is to build jobs, schedule appointments, and attached paperwork.

Dan from DynaFire Specialty: I have been using Service Trade over a year and a half. We find the software useful to track work and quotes for our customers.

A valuable tool to increase revenue and watch tech profitability. Easy of scheduling calls. Searchability Multiple ways to access the information needed Customer service and support is great.

Service Trade is working hard to continually find ways to improve the service and usability for each customer to meet their needs of the work they do. They would be able to assist in making this work best for your company too. Doug from Sterling Industrial Refrigeration Specialty: I've used Service Trade now for about three months. It is very user friendly. I like the ability to have documents, notes, photos etc for each project all in one place.

It would be nice to be able to store PDF documents per project and project related emails for reference on the job site. It seems a little slow when loading paperwork. Chris from County Fire Protection Specialty: We use the product on a daily basis to schedule our technician and provide Great customer service.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone in service industries to help streamline processes. Jeffrey from United Fire and Safety Specialty: We have just recently switched to ServiceTrade within the past year and its been a big change for our company. The process hasn't been the smoothest but our company primarily was working on paper work orders and so it was time consuming to get all the data transferred.

We can tell though that once all the data has been set up correctly, then this software will be a game changer. They also put on an annual conference which was very beneficial for us to visit as we could meet with companies around the country that utilize this software. Easy to use and set up so our customers can easily get the information that they want.

Make sure you have someone in your office that will take on the role as "ServiceTrade Ninja" who can learn the system front to back. This will be helpful when questions arise from other employees. This is one of 5 programs we are doing demos of in a search for our new program for our company. Melissa from Team Services Specialty: This is a very easy to use, understandable, user friendly software that is easy to maneuver through. There is not much complication to it and it spells everything out for you.

Misti from Nelbud Specialty: Service Trade i very user friendly and helps my job run smoother. It is easy to navigate, and I love the fact that the customer has access too. If there are any questions, the Service Trade team is very quick to respond. It is quick, easy, and to the point. I have been in the hood cleaning industry for a little over 12 years now and have went through several changes with software devices.

A few for example are; Outlook, Quickbooks, Timberline, Citrix trying several ways to making thing easier. ServiceTrade is smooth sailing for me. Once I was introduced to this system I picked on on a lot of things rather quickly so it is very easy for a self teaching program.

You can not really make a mistake. I like the fact you can get into the system and explore every option that you have to work with. I really like how you can enter all notes into the system and everything stays together making it very easy and accessible for the next time we services the locations. There isn't really anything I do not like about the system except for the normal glitches where everything freezes sometimes and doesn't record your information cause it was in freeze mode.

Other than that I have no complaints. When you first look at the system it looks like a lot of work!


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