The black dog forex system. Hopefully you will soon become a Black Dog Trader reaping the regular gains that we, the BD team and other BD owners, are starting to take for granted!

The black dog forex system

Original Black Dog Forex Trading System

The black dog forex system. Please take the time to study the training material. The Black Dog team trades the strategy on a daily basis very successfully, this is achieved by following the.

The black dog forex system

I have been with the dogs for last nine months or so. I've already in a position to make live trades and most importantly profitable ones. Without any doubt, it has only been possible for two things, namely 1 A good system and 2 A great supporting community I'm gonna go a bit about the points. Black Dog system has everything one needs to trade the FX when it comes to adding indicators and templates to the chart, not a single more indicator is needed to make a profitable trade.

Secondly, Black Dog systems are well defined and described with visual representations that makes it easier to understand. Any serious trader could make it if proper study time and chart time are invested. Now comes the second point in discussion which is the supporting community one gets right after s he registers for the system. I'm not gonna go much about it. I have only one word to describe the community - the best. Having said all this, before I pen down, for those who are yet to make any system working for them, I would like to say that the system works only when you want it to.

It is YOU who should work and give it a proper go because, you will be using it; not the other way around. Happy trading to all Muktadir Black Dog Trader. There is primarily an education site with a core group of dedicated members. These members have proven themselves to be good traders and are very generous with their time. When I was getting on my feet in early , I had numerous offers for one-on-one coaching sessions via Skype - and not just from Black Dog Dave Also from other core members.

As far as the system itself I actually hesitate to call it a system. There are many mechanical systems out there that you can use, with hard and fast rules. I have purchased my fair share and lost my fair share of money. I think what is helpful to know about this forum is that there are guidelines and basic indicators that are used, but you are truly learning to trade price action.

I would say NO. Thus, the only way to "win" in Forex is to not play that game, in my opinion. This is a much more basic approach, one that capitalizes a few patterns that repeat in the market That leads me to my next point Also, there is really only one system, but there are five versions or "views" of the basic system original, mtf1, mtf2, mtf3, and Quick Fix.

New members are given access to the basic rules in the Quick Fix section I myself have traded this with success. After you reach a certain number of posts on the forum, you are allowed access into the other views. I would say this is a good move on Dave's part Do I have complaints? All of the active traders and newbie traders have journals and record their trades Most people including some of the core members have tweaks to the basic rules to fit their basic style.

The vast majority of people trade off of 15 min charts Some people have static stop losses, others use swing highs or lows, some use pivots, others use it based on ATR, etc. There are others like myself who won't take less than 20 pips. Some people trade Asian, some people trade London, some people trade New York, etc. I have to say - though - if you dedicate yourself to the forum, you will likely end up a great trader or like me a halfway decent one.

At the end of the day Not everyone can trade the BD's as there is a certain amount of work you have to do yourselves - if not prepared to do this then the result is similar to the review below this one. All indicators lag and most repaint in real time Chris, you should know this. Yes, we advocate trading price action as it relates to our indicators and this is clearly described on the forum, I continually go on about it in the Trading Room on how to do it, as do other senior members, I have posted chart after chart of trading price action in my, and others, journals.

I have done umpteen skype calls with individual members using Mikogo screen-sharing tool and group sessions too describing how we trade price action. If you missed them, or couldn't be bothered to visit our Trading Room - it is hardly the fault of the system.

Similarly, if you didn't have a skype chat with me or another senior member, how is it the systems fault. The assistance is there - all you have to do is use it..!! We cannot do the trades for you. Most other system providers charge for their support - not so at the Dogs. I often call out trades in the Trading Room but it must be remembered that we are not a signal service. My money is made from trading alone which gives me a very good lifestyle here in Spain. Sales of the Dogs wouldn't pay my drinks bill..!!

I see that you checked the system for a week - wow, that should really give you a good idea on how it works. Bottom line is that you didn't seek assistance as is clearly stated on the forum when it is obvious that you didn't understand the methodology.

A bad workman blames his tools Problem is the lagging indicators and the repainting here,its so bad. I tried for 6 months to get this working and could not like most others on the forum. Dave says price action is the main indicator here,but does not tell you how to use it. The help is good from the members here.

I now trade very well with another price action method that really works. Wasted time on money with this method. I have tried the Black Dog system, using the rules exactly to the letter.

I traded for a week using 15min chart, then a week using 5min chart, all the time checking with higher time charts as recommended. Performance was wildly varied - some days I made pips, some days I lost pips, some days there were no significant trades at all.

The problem to me seems to be that the system gives you signals several minutes after the move has started.

I'm afraid I can't recommend the system. I have traded the Black Dog System for over 2 years I had just retired from my own business and was determined to make it my plan to become successful trading the system.

Sure I had to put in tons of hours The system designer, Dave Atkinson is a real straight shooter Mr Atkinson spends most of his day supporting fellow traders by way of Skype and Mikogo sessions.. I am in the trading room daily Dave continually gives updates on any new trading strategies he has within the system..

I count my blessings that I found the Black Dog system first I have been trading the system with real money for about three months with positive results weekly. The Black Dog System offers a forum which is very active, consisting of new traders all the way up to seasoned traders.

All questions are usually answered within an hour, and the most important thing it is absolutely FREE. Traders post charts daily showing both there winning and losing trades for everyone to analyze, which is a great learning tool.

This is not a get rich quick system,but a system designed which allows you to let your account grow positively without large draw downs. I notice that my previous posts did not receive a rating. For the sake of the record, The Black Dog system reigns supreme!! For it and its owner. I purchased the system at the beginning of the year and did very little if i am honest, i went in search of other better systems. Guess what i didnt find them so have returned to the BD community.

Great system, great people now its down to me to use the system to become a great trader! How he contradicts and discredits himself! He still doesn't understand the Black Dog system!

And he, Yosafzai, was going to lauch a simplified version of Black Dog with only 3 indicators! In any case, he's out of order. The only person who has the prerogative to lauch anything at all, is the originator of the system. Clearly Yousafzai suffers from delusions of grandeur Yousafzai now believes Dave Atkinson does not trade for a living. Yousafzai is probably also a member of the Flat Earth society From his ravings the only conclusion one can come to is that if he lived in something smaller, he would qualify as the village idiot.

I also found quite a number of journals where many traders had posted their trades. Some of the journals were from very experienced traders and contained a great deal of useful information about how to approach forex trading and how to apply the Black Dogs system. The journals contained many examples of trades taken using Black Dogs. Dave has also written extensively on the new indicators and tactics to use.

Also in the forum are a number of very useful indicators and alerts. I am not a great fan of indicators, but the higher TF MACD and its application makes it much easier to evaluate potential trades In addition there are sections on different approaches and entry techniques.


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