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Tigermax forex


Tigermax forex. mtnmaven.com - Pip counting using the MAX System - for the serious trader. "In the middle of the.

Tigermax forex

Anyone have experience with Tiger MAX system? Community Links Members List. Jan 8, , There was talk in a couple of forums that one trader using the MAX system taught by an old guy calling himself Tiger made more than , pips trading the forex in Has anyone here have experience or heard of it? At those forums, a couple of trainees reported huge profits using it, but a few also said they couldn't make it work, but those ones were immediately BANNED from the forums. We are hoping to hear some independent views about it here.

Mar 25, , 4: Originally Posted by dollarfinder. Mar 30, , I am a graduate of the recent February course.

I am not one of those members who has been banned. Jim has never claimed the aforementioned success, that is reported as the results of one of the students. The method requires considerable subjective judgment. While marketed as a "mechanical" system, it is not. You will need to monitor the European and US sessions closely, and watch each bar as it closes.

You can't set a trade and walk away. Some trades may last 24 hours. While there are close to graduates, I have seen very few reports of success, and I am a member of the graduates' forum. Jim "Tiger" has never submitted objective evidence of his own trades. All of his trading experience is anecdotal.

He is intolerant of suggestions and woe unto you if you disagree with him or any of the senior forum members. He uses the forum as a bully pulpit for his own social and political views, your views on these subjects are welcome as long as you agree with him. It is not a place for independent thinkers. I do not trade the method. Apr 30, , 3: I have had a couple of questions about the Tiger Max course, so here goes: How is the tiger max system course? Worth the effort and money?

I look forward to your reply. Tiger is not a great teacher, so it demands a lot from you as a student to figure out what he is talking about and put up with a lot of extraneous comments. There are a number of experienced, loyal, former students taking the class over, that are very willing to assist and explain. As a part of the course, he provides videos of lessons that you can download and review; also he asks students to submit "homework" which is commented on by Tiger or his experienced students.

Each student's home and comments is available to the entire group. That is unique, in my experience, and can be humbling, but is a great learning tool. He also provides the indicators progressively during the course.

Again, the course demands a lot of time from the students - extensive review of charts he call it 'Scrolling' to familiarizes yourself with what his setup's and trades look like- so as to be ready to recognize them in real time. I have decided to spend another month reviewing the material before deciding whether to re-take the course.

Downside - It is a real time trading system - you have to be able to watch the charts and take action immediately - that does not suit my schedule much right now. When I have been able to do it - It does seem to work well demo accounts at this time. Thank you for the reply. As currently I only saw few success reported I really don't know why need to repeat the course for multiple times since the video was recorded.

Do you be able to get help or ask questions after the course? Will tiger help after the course? Or you need to re-attend the course in order to get help?

For each new course Tiger sets up new Group for everyone enrolled new students and repeats which is how homework is exchanged and anyone can ask questions pertinent to the course. After the course is over, you are invited to join a different Group of MAX Graduates, in which you can continue to ask questions and get responses from Tiger, and also or mostly from the experienced students who are very generous with their time in answering questions and expanding on the concepts - to some extent - Tiger is very strict that group discussions be focused on the "MAX concepts" So you can continue to received help after the course is over, without retaking.

As to retakes being necessary - While there is some organization to the course, It appears that he may not explain everything in every class session. I don't think it is intentional, just a reflection of his "off the cuff" style of teaching. The Videos have the same issue. The "grads" attending the course do try very gently to inject relevant questions that bring Tiger back to the material at hand, but the repeats may be necessary to ensure you have "all" the revealed wisdom as well as to help those people who are not used to being a student, again.

He gets distracted easily - answering the telephone during a live class - commenting about his local weather, health, etc. The students talk about "getting it" after some repeats - I believe I "got it" the first time.

Also it appears that Tiger does add material to the course, over the various class sessions and may explain things in a little different way; Many "grads" seem to want to re-attend both to clarify their understanding and to receive these additional "pearls of wisdom" as he adds them to the class.

I mean that literally, since many of the grads appear to hold Tiger in great reverence. He is getting along in age and experiencing some health problems. It is not clear that he will be able to continue teaching for an indefinite number of classes. He does provide the indicators and templates he finds useful in ex4 format , - Some of the indicators are commonly available and simply renamed, some were new to me but if you look at their behavior - it's isn't too difficult to figure them out. If you enroll, you have to take Tiger like he is; and hope to get enough out of his 'unique' style of teaching that it works for you.

As they say in the Max theme song I'm not kidding - its not difficult, but you do have to try - and trying means, reviewing the material applied to the charts over and over - until you see the method he is trying to present. He does have some ridiculous comments and certain ridiculous names - and he keeps repeating statements that are absolutely and glaringly wrong - but don't let that idiosyncratic behavior distract from the content although that part was hard for me Hope the reply helps.

I would recommend the course - not for the indicators, but for a different way of looking at the price movement of the market - and a different way of finding trade opportunities. Jul 6, , Jul 27, , 7: Originally Posted by magickfun. Originally Posted by seguna.

She's a real forex guru with years of experience. I quote her words "It's the most profitable manual system I've ever learned. However, it is simple but not easy. Last edited by seguna; Jul 28, at 6: Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Search this Thread Advanced Search. Page 1 of 6. Originally Posted by dollarfinder There was talk in a couple of forums that one trader using the MAX system taught by an old guy calling himself Tiger made more than , pips trading the forex in Tiger Max Course - Part 2?

Originally Posted by magickfun interesting i would like to hear more feedback. Originally Posted by seguna She's a real forex guru with years of experience. Oct 29, 6: Oct 13, 9: Apr 18, An experience with AUN. Oct 25,


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