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Welcome to ig

Welcome to IG

Welcome to ig. Hey Guys, welcome to the forums here at mtnmaven.com Glad you stopped by! This is a new thing we are doing, so feel free to get acquainted with everyone. Just want to mention a few things here, first of all, Thanks for using the forums! WE WILL POST ALL RELEVANT GUIDELINES HERE. Right now we.

Welcome to ig

Collection of One Shot Fanfics. Welcome to IG Pairing: Kyungsoo made an Instagram account. All he knows right now is that, he successfully made an Instagram account just by clicking random buttons which looks appealing to him, and luckily it was the Sign Up or Create an Account button. He doesn't know, really, or he just doesn't give a single shit.

Kyungsoo disregards him, continuing on tapping and swiping his phone, deeply engrossed with his newly discovered social media experience. Gaining no response, Baekhyun walks over to Kyungsoo with a sway of his hips and peers over the shorter's narrow shoulders to know what his friend is up to. Baekhyun thinks that Kyungsoo might be watching porn again. He caught him once during Overdose promotion and Kyungsoo frantically defended himself with a suspicious ' It was an accident!

I don't even know how to use the internet! He can see Kyungsoo's thumb tapping aimlessly all over the screen like he really doesn't know what the heck is he even doing at all. Baekhyun lets out an irritating laughter, slapping Kyungsoo's back in the process as he holds Kyungsoo's arm for support. Kyungsoo suddenly jerks with a puppy whine as he sends death glares to Baekhyun. Baekhyun gulps, stepping back. You made yourself an Instagram," Baekhyun says in a flat mocking tone.

You even uses internet shortcuts. Just, just disappear out of my sight, okay? And while disappearing, can you please don't come back ever and just die on a hole or something. I'll tell Chanyeol about that," Baekhyun replies while grinning ear to ear. Kyungsoo gets this chance to throw Jongin's one week unwashed boxers at Baekhyun's annoying face. Kyungsoo finally has an Instagram account! Here is his first post: Insert a blurry picture here with Kyungsoo's face-- eyes staring wide, lips curved into a smirk, the filter used: Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Sehun laugh obnoxiously altogether as they read the article posted on the internet.

Sehun quickly opens his phone while giggling and he taps the small heart below his hyung's picture, while Chanyeol excitedly types a comment. Baekhyun puts his own comment as well. Log in Sign Up. Sexy Lips Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Sehun laugh obnoxiously altogether as they read the article posted on the internet. Read this story for FREE!


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