24500 forex profit trading. I'm sorry to hear tgading. I always contact support when forex profit trading have any problem and they always solve it for me. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at support yadix. FOREX PRO WEEKLY, March 27 - 31, Market Sharks - Bite a Mouthful of Pips. Total: members:

24500 forex profit trading

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24500 forex profit trading. I'm sorry to hear tgading. I always contact support when forex profit trading have any problem and they always solve it for me. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at support yadix. FOREX PRO WEEKLY, March 27 - 31, Market Sharks - Bite a Mouthful of Pips. Total: members:

24500 forex profit trading

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Aug 3, Messages: I joined Yadix because I got the impression that Yadix is good for news trading strategies, which is my main speciality. I have dealt with different brokerages, but none have advertised them as being a safe-haven for automated traders, news traders, scalpers.

Yadix goes out of its ways to let people know that they accept all kinds of traders, no matter the strategy, no matter the profits they make.

I will illustrate this with some extracts from their webpage. I tried to present the evens that happened to me while trading with Yadix in a chronological order, so its easier to follow and see how blatant their actions are.

The double horizontal line is intended for easier following of the story. Ultra-Fast Order Execution By using the very best execution technology such as the Equinix Financial Exchange, high spec VPS and leading liquidity providers, you can benefit from milliseconds forex order execution.

Profitable Trading Welcomed Yadix is a no dealing desk broker. Trade with the confidence that all profitable forex strategies are accepted and efficiently handled. Orders are matched to leading forex banks who are responsible for the settling of all winning trades.

No Trading Restrictions Yadix welcomes profitable traders and systems to ensure that all clients can trade with full confidence. We understand that profitable traders traditionally find it difficult to find a suitable broker without strategy restrictions, withdrawal limitations and even exclusion. Our commitment is to deliver a stable environment and not to exclude, discriminate against and never to manipulation orders for any of our clients.

At Yadix, as we do not trade against clients, it is in our interest for our clients to trade successfully and make profits without any trading restrictions.

This we believe is the future of honest and transparent forex trading. The STP model guarantees no price or spread manipulation nor any conflict of interest. Your trade is opened and executed at the price displayed in your Yadix MT4 platform. A Market Maker can often delay the process to gain extra profit on the spread, this is called a re-quote.

The delay comes from the time it takes for a dealing desk to review the order and decide on the risk level for the brokerage. Unlike other STP brokers that utilise unreliable liquidity sources, Yadix ensures stable and competitive price feeds and issue free trading by aggregating feeds from top tier one liquidity providers and issue free trading that can easily handle the largest forex orders, even during the most demanding market conditions.

This can lead to profitable traders, scalping strategies or automated trading tools to be restricted with minimum stop levels, time restrictions or even to be excluded from trading with dealing desk brokers.

When trading using hedging and scalping strategies there are no restrictions or limitations. Therefore, profitable trading strategies can truly benefit from trading with Yadix no conflict of interest policy.

It was processed and everything seemed fine. This was reassuring to me and Yadix gained more trust in my eyes. At first there were some problems in regards to paying withdrawal fees, since it was the second withdrawal in less than a week, but I agreed to pay the fees Yadix told that withdrawals are free of charge to Skrill, but the problem arised when I tried to make two withdrawals withing a week, although no such restriction was mentiond on the website.

A few hours later the money was on my Skrill account and being able to withdraw this amount of profits boosted my confidence in Yadix a lot. I was pretty sure at the time that I have finally found the broker that truly lives up to its own claims and is honest in its conducts. A few hours later I redeposited most of what I had withdrawn earlier so my account balance was roughly the same as before the withdrawal.

It was a busy week, because first week of the month is the time when a lot of the more important economic news releases take place. This Friday was also the monthly US labour department release of the Non-farm Payrolls number, one of the most important news releases each month, which produces a lot of volatility in the markets, and as a news trader, one of the most important releases for me as well.

I filed a withdrawal request from the Yadix website and started to wait until it is processed to my Skrill account. After waiting some time the withdrawal was still not processed and I went to the Yadix live support to ask if everything was okay with the withdrawal. Furthermore, my pattern of several withdrawals and pretty much instant redeposits supposedly alerted the backoffice, so as mentioned, there were some compliance procedures that needed to be taken before that money could transfered to my Skrill account.

I have all the chat transcripts, so this is the conversation I had with Yadix after deciding to withdraw a big amount of my profits I had made on friday the 7th of November You will need to zoom in to see the full picture. You can see the corresponding trades and how my account balance grew over time.

Hey, sorry about rushing things Your request has been directed to our support team. Please wait for an operator to answer your call. Call accepted by operator Support. Welcome to Yadix live support. May I take your MT4 account number please? They will be done soon I am sure.

I will ask back office the fees and will send via email too 9: I just have some places that close around half past 5 here I am happy to hear that Chat Transcript Visitor: Welcome to the Yadix live support. I can see that our complaints team would like to review your trading with our liquidity before they proceed with payment It means nothing at this stage, its normal procedure for making sure that the pricing you were executed , were executed well and that no un normal latency involve I have basically all of my money that I have currently with you I hope so, but since we work with big banks I am pretty pissed atm to be honest I just had a deja vu, the same thing happened just a week ago I will explain first what we do I know, especially in forex I know, but when LPs get mad and ask you to do something, you would rather listen to them than the one client Why to make decisions before we have input I'm sorry to hear it I do not know sir, no need to think negetive I suggest that you wait I was really irritated by this happening, because the same thing happened only a week ago, when all of my profits were taken by my last broker on some outrageous accusations, but thats another story for another time.

I went to their chat support once again: One more thing I withdrew my profits yesterday or the day before yestrday I have video recorded each and every one of my trades as well I explain to you Also the last two trades that I had executed had been altered.

The entry prices were correct, but the exit price was changed so that the profits turned into losses. Since I video record absolutely every one of my trades that I take, I have a screenshot from the video of my trade which shows all the info about the trade and after I have an account statement that shows how the trades had been changed. I traded the Norway Industrial Production news release in the morning of 5th November The following info was in my Metatrader 4 account history after the trade: The difference is 13 seconds!

As mentioned before, I have a video of every recorded trade and I have also account statements which show the altered trades. I am willing to provide the videos if it is neccessary for the investigation to the regulatory bodies and to the wider audience as well if neccessary to show what kind of manipulation Yadix has done. The price did not move back to Say what you will about the wrong price levels at the liquidity providers, but you can check every imaginable chart there is and all of them show that after 4 seconds which Yadix approves as my exit time , the price was nowhere near to That clearly shows a manipulation and they have not even thought it through so they just came up with random numbers so they can support their claims, although those numbers do not make any sense whatsoever.

This is the following chat that took place after I saw that they had altered my trade history and taken my profit: Hello, is it possible that even if you will not get the answer today from the LP 2: Good evening sir, there is still no update. Here at support, there's nothing much we can do but wait for compliance to review and get back to us. As soon as we get information sir, we will notify you immediately. Where is over half of my account balance and why has been my trade history altered?

One moment sir 3: There were several trades that were filled at the wrong price at the liquidity providers and are being corrected - you will receive an update via email soon sir 3: Support has left the conversation.

Subsection 11 of the Customer Agreement. Your trading account s will be closed as of today Our compliance team have discovered predatory trading practices on your account that takes advantage of technical flaws as opposed to the normal trading of the markets.

The orders affected by the predatory trading have been corrected to the real market prices, please see below: Should you wish to dispute our decision to terminate our relationship, you are entitled to exercise your right to arbitration at the International Centre for Dispute Resolution, pursuant to Section 5 of the Customer Agreement.

Our regulator has been made fully aware of the situation and the actions taken. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at support yadix. This sentence and this e-mail alltogether seemed as a final answer to me, at first I was shocked but then I was a little bit relieved to see that they had not taken all of my profits.


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