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Ea forex mantap

Most Profitable Forex EA Latest 2017 *Absolutely No Loss*

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Ea forex mantap

Run your EA on virtual hosting. How to present a product for a sell-through. It does not comply with FIFO rules, need 1: Adaptive Scalper Expert Advisor using a smart risk-management system - will automatically detect price movement on 4 time frames and act according to the current condition.

It is recommended to use a low spread broker and a VPS. Use it on 15 minutes time frame. Tested for 14 years: Arief Adianto is a professional trader since , he suggest to everyone in MQL5. You can find Adaptive Scalper EA monitoring, here: I bought Adaptive Scalper a years ago I honestly can say it is a complete waste of money I would not even use it if it was free.

The problem is you can only use it in a small time period in the evening GMT and it only only profitable in low volatility, if the market suddenly changes and the market also does change and have unpredictalble moves the EA cannot manage the risk and will lose any profit made and begin eating your starting capital , eventually blowing your account. EA does get profits based on trading large lots for 1 to 3 pips profit and lossing maybe abt 30pips.

Arief is very helpful w settings and explanations. This version seems to more trend sensitive and i had great profits with this EA. Its best to turn EA off during news for those that dont like news trading or concern over trend sudden spikes. Back test results got me lured into buying this EA but it's far from perfect trading in real live conditions. Big losses, small profits and it's not consistent at all - I would not go around changing my broker every month to match the EA's limitations or keep changing the trading currency pair after incurring loss on one because that's the suitable pair now?

ASEA is very broker sensitive. I have experimented with a variety of brokers. Yes you might have a bad month with some drawdown. There are signals demonstrating huge long term profitability. Arief does not appear to support this EA any longer which is a real shame.

You do need to switch off if there is news around. If I have had a good week I tend not to trade on a Thursday. I would have given 5 stars if there was support. Auf lange Sicht gesehen wird es wohl laufen auf kurze wird es nur wenig Profit machen.

I am very happy with the product. This EA is recommended and the update to version 4. Depending on the broker, the backtests are almost identical to the live monitoring signals. In the long run the EA is absolutely great and recommendable. In the short term there may be hard setbacks. The amount is then dependent on the personal risk settings. The performance of the EA can be improved by monitoring the news flow during the trading hours.

Unfortunately only 3 stars from me because apparently the support for EA is completed by the author. Sorry to change the vote of the review, but we have to be honest. The robot "would be good", but in reality it is not.

Unfortunately, a robot that you lose everything you've collected in a year, can not be called a good robot. I tried to study and adapt the robot to any kind of event that could harm our revenue, but in the end "in calm days" the robot has not been shown up to adapt to various situations. Council not to buy it because, in the end, does not collect any gain. Also, I proceeded to wipe out the study that I did on this robot, because in the end turned out to just be a waste of time and ineffective.

And then by another prank of the destiny, I had another big stop loss due to daylight savings shift issue in OctaFX. After a long time in profit, there we several huge stop losses which blew up all the accounts that were in profit, and much more.

I am afraid that I have to update my original positive comment. Arief has been great support and this EA has been very good in the past. It's just unfortunate that the EA cannot really adapt to changing market conditions. I have seen lots of signals and accounts been very nearly blown and all of the hard earned profits gone.

I will leave 2 stars for my review as I believe that this still have potential, it just needs some clever updates with regards to when it closes trades and how it filters trades. I hope that Adaptive Scalper sees an update in the future. Just to note, I have owned this EA since September Must say - support is great and if you follow instructions and everyday check if there are no important news released, you will be just great. To use this EA, you must have a more stronger heart. Sometime it will give you huge lost and can wipe your profit one month or two months.

To use this EA, I suggest you must use the parameter of closing time to avoid the huge lost, even though the paramter will reduce your profit sometimes.

And choosing a good broker is another condition to get the profit. The broker with low slippage and no freezing gap time is manadatory. You should keep an eye on the EA and avoid the trade time during the important messages or News. The results are very impressive and the signals show it. My results match the signals. You do need to have an account with one of the recommended brokers and have a VPS with very low latency with your broker.

The author removed his old signals, which seems shady. Also, I was having a drawdown so I stopped using this EA. I have been using the EA for since Aug almost 2 months and this is the most useless scalper ever. I don't recommend this EA to anyone, save your money twice!! I bought the EA and the result on my account is amazing! I use it on several brokers and I love it more because it only trades for 2 hours per day.

Just make sure your broker have low spread and no server freeze, you'll be fine. Finally, stress free trading now. Thank you alchemist for letting your EA go public and giving me full support from the beginning.

Please don't be bored with my questions. I have followed Arief's recommendation for my latest account. It was started on January 30, with deposit of To date i have USD withdrawal and my balance now is This is a review coming from a forex newbie. Hence, I feel that it would be best to give you an overview on my understanding about currency trading.

At least you would know where my opinions are coming from. At the scale of 1 — 10, where 10 is for advance forex trader, I am on the scale of 2. I have been aware about the potential and risks! I believe she was a victim of risky trading practice of not putting stop-losses. When Lehman Brothers collapsed in , everything slipped down the drain. Perhaps, 2,USD is not much for others, but coming from a developing country, that is already too huge.

Currency trading requires not only knowledge about economic and technical indicators but also entails strict emotional control of not being affected by fear and greed. Too good to be true?

Most of them are full of marketing pitch. Since there are too many of them out there, it is really difficult to find which one is genuine. And it boiled down to between two: However, as I was looking at the reviews, performance of live accounts, the USD robot was not impressive at all. I found out that most of these highly marketed robots have paid reviews and highly search-engine optimized.

They have to market it as much as they can because they basically earn from each purchase and all of them does not guarantee return anyway. They may have a day satisfaction guarantee but what if you will just start losing on the 31st day? There goes your USD. Spending 1,USD is really a huge risk. After a month, I got a net profit of 64USD.

It was not that much but it was okay since it was still positive. On the second month, there was a broker system issue which resulted to my account going down to USD. We had to pull out from ActivTrades. This is my fourth month trading with Tickmill.

As of this writing, my balance is 6,


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