Nz forex currency rates. Changes to foreign cheque deposits and issuing. From 30 November , BNZ will no longer: deposit funds into your BNZ account for Euro (EUR) cheques, before the cheque is fully processed,; issue international cheque in Hong Kong dollars (HKD). Euro cheques can be deposited via an Overseas Cheque Collection*.

Nz forex currency rates

Definition of exchange rate

Nz forex currency rates. *OFX Customer Rates are based on real time market data so the rate may change between now and when you lock in your transfer. OFX provides international money transfer services to private clients and business customers. Use our free currency converter, exchange rate charts.

Nz forex currency rates

The rates on this page are the rates each institution uses to SELL foreign currency to you. This rate is different to the one used when they BUY foreign currency from you.

The rate on this page almost always applies when you buy foreign currency notes, or travellers cheques. Remember, fees and fee minimums will always apply. Use our online tool to find the best deal inclusive of fees. The rates on this page are always up-to-date, and are sourced from each institution's web page. This seems to be a great option - more flexible and secure than TC, definitely more secure than cash, and allows you to lock in the rate in a way that you can't if you just use your regular credit card.

But they don't make their rates available online for comparison. When you buy or top-up a Loaded card, you should check our tool to make sure you are getting a competitive rate. The load fee is interesting though, but I guess that is akin to the banks 'fee' as opposed to the spread on rates? Hi David, The rates for Loaded are available on Kiwibank's website, here. Can you tell me where I can find a similar thing to compare cashing foreign specifically Canadian money into NZ funds?

We've got a chunk of money coming our way in a couple days. That way you can take advantage of a falling NZD and choose your own time to convert it back. You will get sweet nothing in interest on it which does have to be factored in. The ASB rate for Euro in this article is the sell rate listed on their website. It looked way too good to me.

Their buy rate is 0. For low fx fees I'd strongly recommend NZForex http: I don't think the bank can beat their rates and there is no fee at all above a certain amount eg no fees above Euros or GBP etc, see http: Fees are only part of it, the atual rate is a bigger factor.

Elley NZforex add a little to their ozforex's margin base line. You can check and confirm the rates we use on this page are what each bank quotes, by clicking on the bank name above the column of rates on this page. That will take you to their fx rate page.

Young kiwis I know who work offshore use pay pal to transfer foreign cash without paying fees. The fees may be great but the rate might not be. The convenience is good though for small amounts.

I just spent 10mins comparing rates for Singapore Dollars before I found this calculator - what appears to be a very useful time-saving tool. Thanks for that amir! Will the actual calculator eventually include the other eight currencies in the table?

It would be incredibly useful if it did. My partner and I are saving to go backpacking overseas, we have about NZD saved now and are budgeting another per month for the next few months before we leave I have been hearing that the kiwi dollar is expected to fall over the next few months How long are you planning on travelling. Travelling ainlt cheap even if you are backpacking around. Airfares, bus fares, train fares, etc etc all eat into your money pretty quickly. Use internet banking occasionally to review your accounts, make sure from a safe computer or smart phone if you have.

Know how much much money you have left and how long it has to last so you get a kind of daily budget going. I guess you wil have a credit card if you need to use it in an emergency or have to leave somewhere in a hurry. The varying rates offered by the different banks is astonishing. I use OzForex for all of my transfers. Money is settled within 2 business days. If you login to their website, you will see an exact exchange rate - much higher than the banks.

Are you able to add the TSB Bank? Being a young kiwi earning pounds in London, a new company TransferWise offers an interesting alternative to the banks. It's essentially P2P in idea so your request to exchange is met on the other currency by someone wanting to also exchange the inverse way. I can only send GBP to NZD at this stage but the company is expanding and might be something to consider in the future if your circumstances are correct.

Fees are very low and rates are closer to corporate than usual bank buy rates. This website provides very good information. I use CurrencyFair, it provides a much better rate than any of the above.

Find the best deal here when you need to buy foreign currency. These costs are current as at and include fees. UK banks dont pay anything in interest anyways. Doesnt seem to work for me CHange to Aussie Dollars and click refresh - goes back to USD Also - what about some of the smaller players - their rates may be as good.

Only click Refresh to start again and re-poll the bank websites. Yes, we will be adding other [smaller] players later. They look like "sell rates" not buy rates. I'm not sure that this is perfectly accurate. However, the notes suggest it is always up-to-date , yet the ANZ rate appears to be incorrect. Please note I have refreshed both pages and cleared my cache - they are different. At the moment ANZ's numbers are empty.

And this is causing the calculator to show NaN! Make sure it can handle when there is missing data and ignore the division by zero errors! Can you please add the Kiwibank rates? They publish on their website. I look at interest. Hello, Being a young kiwi earning pounds in London, a new company TransferWise offers an interesting alternative to the banks.


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