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Online trading academy forex peace army calendar

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Online trading academy forex peace army calendar

The FPA has receive a number of fake positive reviews for this company. I cannot tell you how wonderful, patient and supportive I have found both the staff and instructors to be. I will straight up tell you, I am a handful Being from the Midwest it is in my nature to tell you if I'm unhappy, if I disagree with you, etc. I graduated from college with a criminal justice major Bachelors and Paralegal Certification Master's Certification. In my 30's I raised my children stay at home mom and in my 40's I became a teacher When I saw the process on how they teach us to trade in the 3 day class I was blown away cuz there's a specific step-by-step process that ANYONE can do I have continued to be impressed by the support provided.

There are literally HUNDREDS of videos to watch to reinforce what you've been taught and then you can take advanced videos to expand your knowledge base.

As a former math and special education teacher I can tell you that success comes from consistent practice and this is what makes OTA so amazing! For the few posts I have read where people were unhappy I am inclined to think they did not reach out to the staff and get the support that is available. I have called and been assisted with various tasks, such as uploading a trading platform, getting help on how to use worksheets, and what videos to watch before taking an upcoming class so I will be better able to understand the content.

Mastermind is not a goal that we students are told we need to purchase to be successful. I could continue to go on and on and on but I think my point has been made. Definitely would give 10 stars if I could. Reading about many who are unhappy with their experience at OTA. Cannot comment on any of the offices except Bellevue Wa where i took my training. Since these are franchises i have no doubt that some may be better than others.

My experience at the Bellevue office was very professional. No pushy sales pitches,and Eric who gave the introductory class is clearly a successful trader. Learning to be a successful trader has been the hardest endeavor i have ever taken on,but the financial and time rewards are hard to beat. I still attend the live webinar trading sessions with OTA instructors as they enter live trades for all attending. You cannot fake a live trade,when all of us are on our own live accounts,so i can assure you their patented trading system works.

Professionals of all kinds go to college for years to make the big money. Trading is no different. To make an income like that of an attorney or a doctor you will have to invest in yourself as they do. I take great exception to the comments that have been posted. I have been an OTA student for a few years now.

While the education I received was not cheap, it was worth every penny! The level of education that you will receive from OTA is on the level of a college education or post college degree. You will learn what you need to know to trade the markets successfully. I also bought the Mastermind Community package, and in the Mastermind Community, I and other students meet online, share trades, trade strategies and other trade ideas in student-led sessions, as well as sessions led by OTA instructors.

In fact, I led a session last Thursday in the Mastermind Community, with other mastermind students, and found a trade setup on the AUDCAD that met entry, proceeded to target and made 95 pips. OTA teaches you a repeatable process to make money in the Forex markets. As they say, you can either donate your money to the market or pay for education that will enable you to make the market PAY YOU!

I prefer to make the market pay me. Im totally an newbie on trading but i was reading some books on it before jumping i. On July of Since i didnt know much amd the price for theirbmarket timing class wasnt that much I end up paying for their market timing class hoping to learn something new.

During the first two day of the class. As of July They charge for their core plus a leverage class i can probably get an college assocoate degree with that money or i can even use that money as a house down payment or even buy a car I didnt even bother to go on the last day since i know i wont learn anything new. What a time waste. I could just buy an book and that wont cost me dollar Thanks for nothing OTA.

This place is a joke. Don't even bother going to half day sales pitch. That would be waste of your time. I attended free half day workshop for Online trading academy in Toronto. That half day 'course' is like others mention, just sales pitch.

The instructor talk about the stuff that I already knew, how wall st. And the academy will teach me how to become a "cleaner fish" who eats off of shark's dead skin They did not have to try so hard sell me the membership because I already made up my mind to take the course and learn.

The day after I got a phone call from the "education counsellor" asking me all these weird question, including if I had a magic wand and can change one thing, what would that be Well, unfortunately, our financial is pretty solid, and we are heavily invested on real estate.

I just wanted to learn how to trade and understand those market better not to desperately make money! I told him I have in good place and I just wanted to learn. They push you for coming into the school for one hour meeting to get to know me and understand my goals including your financial informations. I told him I just wanted to learn and financially I did not need help- just come in for classes.

LOL And other guy more experienced called again that he was told how I did not want to come in for the "meeting" and did not want to fill out questionnaire why do i have to share my financial information with guys that I don't trust? And was being very upset saying how he did not know me, and he needed to know me to help me, and how he did not care about the money and he was there to help people and I was not suit for the school and that he needed to cancel my seat.

I am so thankful that he mentioned first that he needed to cancel my seat after reading how some people had hard time getting the refund. HAHA I would have taken the courses and dropped the my money if it wasn't for that pushy phone calls, foot in the door sales techniques, and intrusive questionnaires- that totally threw me off and made me had second thoughts.

That was nothing but sales tactic that they used to make me spend money. The counsellor said it himself, that his goal was to make me take courses..

Here is a true review of OTA Toronto and overall in general. I hope it will be helpful for some. If you had some dealings with OTA, you will find that I am writing the truth. My intention is for people to make decisions based on correct information as I see many students who do not even know ABC of computers getting sucked in for K by OTA.

It's a business, not an academy. So, by definition of it, they are in to make profits by sucking in as many students as possible. Their objective is to suck you into Mastermind eventually.

If you paid more than that, you suck real good All 5 star reviews that you see are from OTA students taking the class. They are offered prizes during the class. So, that explains the 5 stars. No institution gets 5 stars from everybody, c'mon be real. Here is how the whole OTA business runs.

When you come in the shop, it's a motivational speech, carefully crafted to get you pumped up to make millions in a year. How do you make millions? Well, they will tell you in next session title "Market Timing". You enrol right there, otherwise the discount they offer will not be available next day. You can always get the same price. It's a business to make money. If you paid more than that, well you are a sucker.

This determines how much they will sell the mastermind to you and if you get any discounts. It's a 3 day course. Also, how buy and hold doesn't work. In the end, you have sales guy called Education Counsellor coming in and share the retail price of the course if you take it same day otherwise price goes to wholesale tomorrow. Well, their retail price is the actual price they would sell the courses to biggest sucker. I observed whites are preferred and get better discounts.

So, if you are white, use it your advantage and reap deeper discounts. Generally, that happens for their new instructors, good instructors have their classes filled in pretty quickly. So, you cannot attend those. You only get trades per asset class per week. Also, they do not share how they came up with levels. If you register for only couple courses, you will notice that your Education Counsellor is always trying to sell you Mastermind every chance they get.

You will also notice that you are missing some parts of core strategy that is only taught to mastermind students, only to realize after you get Mastermind that nah, not worth it. So, Does their core strategy work?


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