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Ping binary options


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Ping binary options

Click here to read our full text review of iq option Click here to visit the iq option website FAQ: No, iq option is trusted by BinaryOptions. Yes -Free Demo Account?: Yes This forum thread is for discussion of anything related to iq option and we will add any frequently asked questions to this post.

Click here to visit the iq option website. Seems legit enough to me and the platform looks pretty cool. It is also great that they have free demo account, but in the same time, they will automatically create a new one. A small touch, but it is kind of aggresive, like I don't even have a choice to decide here. Be careful of their "tutorials" on YouTube.

They LOVE martingale, which is the worst method for trading, ever. Martingale is playing not to lose, and it can work, but in the end you don't really win either, you just get to keep playing until eventually the Martingale blows your wad. True money management limits losses so that you can keep trading and trading with frequency, letting the winners win, so that incremental gains overcome small losses for long term profits.

Hi all im new to this forum, just a quick question really Wed Dec 6 Tokyo: These guys have a good looking system and have the added bonus of a training account. Dosnt matter what you say its all your broadbands fault One of their worker contacted me by the name SalauDin, I requested to meet him one on one, as we are in the same country, he said no, that he's in another city, and advised me to sign-up to the Iqoption.

October edited October I am sorry for your experience Amzy, but I still don't think IQ Option is a bad broker, just the opposite. Anyway, I recommend you not to trust anyone else but you with your money, because why would worker's of IQ Option would want to make you money? Always trust just yourself, because that's the only way to go in this business. I saw some pretty rough comments over on https: Also there is situation where they did some charges from user's bank account without any authorization.

TBH, I don't know if they can be trusted Maybe I had luck November edited November Moderators, please, take a closer look at betty. I know, nothing wrong with that, I just removed the email address you accidentally quoted.

Here is your comment was not removed: December edited December I started about a month ago, I posed the first real-money campaign today.. I tell you dollars I reached the A and locked my account. I have an answer to that included in the quote "I see a system that is available to trade the actual bill. There are no restrictions to trade. I see that the account is available to the trade and the last trade executed today.

I have not received a response from them. Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online 2 2 Guests.


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