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Russ horn forex system

Forex Equinox Review – Does Russ Horn's Trading System Work?

Russ horn forex system. Today I'm taking a closer look at a new trading system developed by Russ Horn, Forex Equinox. Russ has a history in this market of providing Forex education and manual trading systems at a premium price. This is certainly the case again, with this product going for nearly $ Russ claims that this is a  ‎Forex Equinox Review · ‎Russ Horn.

Russ horn forex system

For Russ Horns free forex trading strategy. The system loses all it's profits once the market starts to consolidate into a sideways range. Brainyforex's testing shows that this strategy when used with a trailing stop is useless. As seen from the demo account, this system is a consistent and steady loser. When Russ Horn was promoting his Rapid Results Method trading system to the public he gave away a free trading strategy called Forex Power Pro as a goodwill gesture to show that he is a genuine trader educator.

Russ said it works really well and he uses it as one of his favorite trading strategies. Brainyforex had this trading strategy professionally programmed into an automated trading system as Russ Horn's marketing did say he is one of the best forex traders in the world.

The results are shown above through mt4i. Unfortunately, the results have just been a steady decline in profits on the demo account for the whole three weeks it was tested. Rated at 0 star. PS - Not sure if this strategy would work with a take profit target of x pips with a similar x pips stop loss instead of using a trailing stop. I sure wish Russ had tested this system better as it's obvious from our testing that using the trailing stop is never going to produce any profits.

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Forex Trendy software scans 34 Forex pairs on all time frames from minute to monthly and shows you the best trending and chart patterns. Jan 07, little explaination added to Russ Horns strategy by: Mafon Hello Fritz, thanks for your immediate response.

I use the first of the manual technique called "power trader". It 'a old known technique that Mr. Horn try to made simple, in any case, if applied well it works. This technique is based on retracements applied on a trend. Horn should have explained that the technique works very well only if you have a basic knowledge of technical analysis support and resistance, Fibonacci retracements, many TF analysis and using the technique only during the usa e london market open simultaneously. For example if you apply the strategy in a rising market, near a very important resistance, it is almost certain that it will not work.

Knowing these few things the technique works. Horn, next time will have to add some details to the novices, otherwise, as has happened, he will have the whole world against him.: Jan 06, by: Fritz Hi Mafon I ran this test a few years ago. The test was run from 3 December to 29 January Back then I think Russ only gave away one method? This free strategy that he gave out as a part of his promotion for his RRM method.

It was called the Forex Power Pro provided as a goodwill gesture to show that he is a genuine trader educator. There were trades, 58 winners and losers. The average win was I ran the test with the recommended trailing stop which I cannot remember now since it was three years ago. If you want me to do some more testing of Russ Horns trading strategies just send me the information and I will put it on test.

If you have some trading results from your own accounts, then please add them here. Thanks for sharing your comments and I look forward to doing more testing as I do know that sometimes market conditions in the short term can be cruel to any trading system or method. Jan 06, your test by: Mafon With which of the four techniques explain in the manual you have tried the trailing stop and how many pips away?

The market was very volatile? I saw that you have tried the technique during the Christmas period, can you try the technique in another period and add more details in your ccomment C Copyright - Brainyforex. Comments for russ horns free forex trading strategy was a loser using trailing stop Click here to add your own comments. Click here to add your own comments Join in and write your own page!


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