Smart forex card thomas cook axis bank. Borderless Prepaid Cards: Buy travel-forex cards from Thomas Cook India. These multi-currency borderless prepaid cards help you carry all the cash in one card. Buy now!

Smart forex card thomas cook axis bank

Bye bye transaction charges

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Smart forex card thomas cook axis bank

What if the cheque or draft was misplaced or stolen, or got stuck in baggage that was delayed? Prepaid travel cards are available in different currencies and can be bought even on the day of travel. The exchange rate for a particular currency is based on what is prevalent on the day the card is loaded. Though one can get multiple travel cards for different currencies, only one card will be issued for a single currency. And, if the card is lost, we can issue a fresh pin number immediately. A physical card is like a normal debit or credit card and has an account number and password.

These cards are issued by banks, travelling agencies and are accepted by all current point of sale POS terminals. The advantages of these cards are many: Prepaid cards are less prone to fraud as they have a high level security against magnetic strip cards. These cards use advanced technology with an embedded chip to store all confidential information. Prepaid cards can be reloaded easily when the money is exhausted when you are travelling.

If it is a corporate card, the company takes care of the formalities for the card to be reloaded. If it is a personal card, one can ask a family member to reload the card, provided the legal formalities have been taken care of before travel. Usually, all debit and credit cards charge a mark-up percentage plus service tax on any type of cross currency transaction that is made from a foreign country.

The mark-up charge is as high as 3. So one ends up paying close to 3. This includes transactions such as making payments or cash withdrawals. Additionally, one has to pay according to the foreign exchange rate prevailing on that day. And since these checks have to be exchanged against the local currency of a country, they are not accepted at any POS terminals unlike prepaid cards. Protection against fluctuating exchange rates: Prepaid cards carry the exchange rate that was prevalent on the day the card was loaded.

Hence, it offers protection against fluctuating exchange rates while making purchases abroad. Foreign travel made easier with prepaid cards. Written By Yogini C Joglekar. Must read Winklevoss twins, famous for suing Mark Zuckerberg become first Bitcoin billionaires: Imagine being stranded in a foreign land without enough cash on a holiday or business trip. A virtual card only has an account number and password and can be used for online payments.

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