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Trinidad forex trading

Traders in Trinidad & Tobago: Jabari Shares His Story

Trinidad forex trading. this sounding like a repost,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but not in trinidad is this currency trading a wise venture,,,,reason the us dollar is only valuable in trinidad,,,trading in this currency is a waste,,,look at channel 28 and see how the us dollar is traded against the other currencys in the world,then watch the us/can dollar.

Trinidad forex trading

Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 25 guests. Forex Traders this is how we do it Just out of curiosity, anyone trades forex here? Is this imarkets live or something like that?

That's the primary source of income there so that's why you see so much people having seminars. Imarkets live is based on referrals. Really sounding like a pyramid. To his, his own. Up to now you can't say what it is people really paying for but you want to come at me with venom. The company not even reputable and the people involved have a shady background. Most of the people touting it in Trinidad were also involved in Oregano Gold.

That should tell you something about the ambitions of the people involved. Typical con men, trying to take a couple pennies and nickles from close friends and forex. Trying to "market" a product as "new" and "innovative". Scam artists to the highest. This is what you all are chasing and you willing to let "friends" and "families" incur financial burdens and possibly ruin for this.

Who cant do critizes. Forex trading isn't even new. Keep drinking the koolaid but make sure and poison yaself boss Up to now you can't respond with any facts Successful business up and running. Unlike you my business actually helps the people it claims to help. Feel free to respond with facts cause you never know who reading these forums. Wouldn't want them to get the wrong ideas about IML I would recommend Oanda.

You don't have to pay anybody anything. You can learn the basics for free online but what really makes the difference is the little nuances which you get from backtesting your trading strategies and knowing them inside out. The rest is up to your ability to execute and deal with the psychology of trading. No different to trading any other instruments. These people are thieves and should be referred to the fraud squad. Imagine this product not even from trinidad but they hold on to it like gospel just so that they could take a couple people for a ride.

The man come out venomous to attack me but can't offer anything concrete about the product. A simple google search shows that its owner has a checkered past. They acting like IML invented online forex trading This is one of the worst scams that I have ever seen in my life. I saw a man post that he made minimum 10 grand usd a day from IML. That's the extent that these people are going to to prove a lie.

I hope that fraud squad picks them up. They are too disgusting. In these uncertain economic times you trying to get people to trade forex?

I trading forex for years and most times it feels more like gambling. Most trading feels that way. The scary thing is that they are comfortable to take money from people who have children to feed and bills to pay. Any one here actually ever use their system? Creation isnt correlated to viability. YES the info is freely available on the net but many people are just too lazy to assimilate the info and implement.

Thats true about everything That supports the education industry in many ways. Yes the commissions and the referral system is cheezy but if it is that the system is viable and workable-shouldn't THAT be the arbiter? I have never traded forex, and I am not involved with any trading system in any way. These things are really standardized and the tools available are available with competitors. This is nothing more than a pyramid scheme attached to forex trading.

Remember they not giving you any "trade secrets" or "inside tips". You just paying to use their system. It does matter if it works If by using the system one is making money beyond their costs it makes sense We all buy stuff that we can make If one is getting what they want out of the system Remember you are trading.

The system isn't going to give you an advantage. Everyone is trading using the same system s , the difference comes with the individual and how best they can absorb the knowledge and make proper executions etc.

Remember it is just a social trading app. For instance, one of their biggest selling points is that people can "copy" the trades of others more experienced. That is available in all the other social trading apps Nothing new there again. Forex trading online isn't new. If the people using the system can make money using that system then they can make money elsewhere.

It's just that simple. There is no real advanatage to using one system over the other. I use one because I like the layout of the app etc. I also have accounts in others. Who is online Users browsing this forum:


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