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Bigmiketrading indicators

Ernest Chan on Order Flow and Leading Risk Indicators

Bigmiketrading indicators. In another example of mathematical analysis way over my head, a group of forum participants have an ongoing discussion about Wavelets in algorithmic trading. One BMT Forum Member "sefstrat" has donated fully functional wavelet code for NinjaTrader 7. This wavelet indicator uses a linear undecimated.

Bigmiketrading indicators

Buy now Try it for free. These indicators are used to analyze Cumulative Delta, and are popular among some of our customers.

Hence, the indicators were removed from here and are now posted here - http: We respect intellectual property rights and posting something that shouldn't have been posted was not intentional. These users thanked the author Stan Bokov for the post total 2: Not only can you get prewritten. Big Mike has made it the most functional and easy to use traders forum that I have ever seen and he always seems available for help. These users thanked the author RobotMan for the post: Shouldn't the Multicharts Premium Forum be the place for useful insights and "how to trade that will blow you away"?

Last edited by sptrader on 02 Jul , edited 1 time in total. There is a general interest in this subject as evidence by the highest number of views of those threads in that forum. I am no marketing genius, but I find it perplexing that MC would like to send these potential thousand pairs of eyes and customers elsewhere to find what they want.

If I were MC, I would build these simple deltavolume functions right into Powerlanguage and make the data stream persistent or capturable and make it available to every MC owner and market this as the next holy grail - they are not really, but marketing is make believe, that why it is called the "market".

Therefore, even though these may be terribly flawed indicators, they deserve at least a place in open discussion and it is unfortunate such discussion of this particular version is not available in this MC forum.

It has been suggested by some people in the past that these Cumulative Delta tools had the potential to become a major selling point of the MultiCharts platform. These users thanked the author RobotMan for the post total 3: He is a great guy and a very smart guy. Becoming an Elite member at BMT is a real bargain for the value and quality that is there. Not just indicators, but the people. He did not originate code for Cumulative Delta, although he wrote CD within his own creations, but as far as I know, the concept of CD has been around for a while.

Gomi has not, as far as I know, ever written code in. So - the code that MC wrote and posted is not original in concept or a copy of anyone's proprietary work. You see; the code does not work. It is well written and theoretically will do the CD calculation on paper. However, in practice the numbers are all over the place and spurious at best. Let me show you on your own machine, in your own copy of MC.

Pull up a chart of something that actively trades. I am going to use the ES as an example. Please could you help us? An option was made specifically for IQFeed to have minute and daily bars made out of ticks - then it does work, from what I've been told. When can we have this option added to the Esignal data feed? I submitted a feature request for this a few months ago. I use Esignal with MD with good results, so I don't see any functional reason that would complicate enabling this feature.

Of note, Esignal users have to call in and request access to the tick server historical data. But that took me all of ten minutes a year ago. You get ten days of data which is plenty for intraday analysis. So he explains better than me the problem in better English.

Insideask into the code only updates if on a new tick comes in, but this is sometimes after the fact. Then it seems that the trade is counted as traded at bid because at the moment the code updates and calculates the insidebid is 36, instead of counted as trade at the former insideask. You are using the different data sources. Insideask uses the status line, close of data2-uses the chart data series 2. If you have a possibility-please use the chart as the data source.

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