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Binary options bible

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Binary options bible. Sadly, the tendency is for Christians to reason about things and ignore the fact that Christianity is not about reasoning but goes according to what the Bible says. Christians have discussed a lot on binary options online but I wouldn't want to delve much into these discussions. I do want to highlight that some.

Binary options bible

Binary options is a money making option that I recently came to know about when I searched the internet for ways by which I can invest the money I earn from doing business on fiverr. It is a very easy to enter trading space yet so much of a risk that one can lose all they have on it yet it is percent legal in many countries such that no one would put you in jail for it.

This means that praying about it, reading scriptures for guidance and listening to the conscious with high sensitivity should be applied.

If you are not sure, you are better not participating. Sadly, the tendency is for Christians to reason about things and ignore the fact that Christianity is not about reasoning but goes according to what the Bible says.

I do want to highlight that some Christians do trade binary options and we can only hope they gain their intended outcome from it. For me, the Holy Spirit or rather let me say, my conscious, did not allow me to put my money and trade binary options.

These reasons, even if it was one, make me feel that putting my money into and trading binary options would defile my soul. This therefore means that if I happen to die while participating in it, I would be rejected and lament my participation in hell eternally. Just this one sin not so obvious sin like many others that are not necessarily written in the Bible can lead to the irreversible condition of hell.

Your email address will not be published. I shun binary options for the following reasons: The principle of working before earning something is violated. If God were to ask a binary option trader what work has he or she done to earn whatever amount of money earned, the answer would not be satisfactory.

All unsatisfactory answers fall under sin. The emotions and the greed gear of urgent desire for success that kicks in do not put me at the right position with my God. Thanks to IQ options for providing a trial account with dummy credit. This has made me experience how it feels to trade binary options.

The trading triggers the desire for money and when you do make some money you tend to want even more. The desire for money is not what Christian living associates with. You may also like the following posts: About Musawenkosi Dube May God be heard even through the internet. Be blessed as you read this blog.

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