Centument ltd. Centument LTD Review | Looking for centument ltd review? Here is complete review of centument ltd software pro's and con's just check before you buy this!‎***Important Update*** · ‎Centument Software Review · ‎Is Centument LTD a Scam?

Centument ltd

Centument LTD System Is Centument LTD Software User "Review" & High Exclusive Bonus Here

Centument ltd. Is The Centument Project SCAM Or LEGIT Trading System? The Centument Project Review – Is The Centument Project Scam Or Legit? Does The Centument Project 2 Software Works? My The Centument Project Review Share The Real Truth About The Centument Project Systems Until.

Centument ltd

This is the same tactic used by the medallion app scam and without any doubt or reservation the same people are behind this get-rich quick scheme. I absolutely abhor this hypocrisy and lack of professionalism. I got an email from some guy calling himself Ichimoku Robot who is asking me if I heard If Bloomberg knows what it is talking about? Fake CNN, Forbes, and Bloomberg logos are used as false advertising tactics to deceive innocent victims and lure them into funding trading accounts with shady or unregulated brokers that want to bleed their savings plans dry.

High End Production This video took a really heavy investment on behalf of these marketers and they were willing to put up significant amounts of money and hire expensive actors and movie producers to get a high quality movie. I tried contacting them and guess what, all they wanted me to do is fund my trading account and would not answer simple questions or get Gerald Reed the actor on the phone to actually verify who he is. This also smells like a phishing scam so be careful not to divulge any personal information specifically credit card or bank information.

Learn How to Avoid Getting Scammed! Register for our newsletter and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to fully understand how to avoid getting duped and defrauded by street savvy online pirates and hooligans. You can rest assured they will steal your money and leave you hanging on the tree to die as long as you fund a trading account through one of their recommended brokers. Is it just me or is everyone here engaged in the same type of dialogue? Is anyone interested in real trading strategies or tools that actually help you profit?

Hi there, unfortunately many people get scammed in these fake offers and we try to let them know how to avoid getting scammed in binary options.

We also help scammed traders recover stolen funds and anyone here who feels he was deceived and wronged is welcome to leave a message and we will do our best to help.

Please give the real ones so people can know where to put their money. Please read these reviews: Someone showed me the video to this the other day and I was like you have to be kidding me!? The video is so chessy and fake. I hate when he gets in this high end car and drives away!! This person Gerald Reed is obviously a well paid actor and the Lambo is a rental.

I knew a friend you use to put up fake ads on his site to draw people in. Watch out for this! Hi Kevin, fake ads and false advertising are things people accept as a kind of socially acceptable norm, but this type of criminal behavior is not to be taken lightly. In fact, people have paid hefty fines and even spent time in jail for illegally deceiving the public under false pretenses.

Wow, people really should be in jail for tricking people like this. Well, yes money plays a game but it also has to do with the fact that different people view things differently and everyone can make a case based on their own life experience and knowledge. They made that site too over the top! Did you sign any documents? Well if you did then you will have some difficulties cashing out your money.

So true, a simple search will do the job and save you a lot of grief and aggravation in the future. But I can see where people would. I have in the past too! We all live and learn,but people…stay away!

Fake rental Lambo is the way to go if you really want to scam in binary options, because people will always be mesmerized by flashy cars and big money. Nothing is that easy or we would all be filthy rich! Hi Amber, I believe these are two good examples of more honest review sites for binary options that seem to have other opinions about this fake app: Auto pilot and spend your profits tonight?! Nothing on autopilot works! There is nothing genuine here except intent to steal your money and get commissions from binary options brokers!

As seen in Seeking Alpha there is nothing really having to do with binary options trading! Always email or call the company first!! My friend taught me this! The fakes one will never respond or give you genetic answers and the real ones will go into details! This is the first and easiest investigation anyone can make, and it will only take you a minute to see if Gerald Reed is a Scam or legit software owner.

I signed up for this and got a huge mess on my computer!! Great post warning people about this site! Nothing comes this easy like they said! It infects your computer with the Rootkit Virus and Trojan Fave AV which collects your financial information like credit card and social security number — be warned!

Hi Jim, if you want an automated trading software read this review https: Try the signals, the service is also impeccable. Is options a good and trusted Broker. I was refered to them by Binary Profit Method?? Thank you very much for your report. What email did you use to contact them? My funds from Porter Finance are not syncing with the centument software: What do you recommend? Is Porter also a scam-like trader? Or do they at least work properly as traders and I could use the manual guides you mentioned on your post.

Porter is ok but Centument is a fake system. Recommend you cash out. The reason they dont reply is because your account is funded and they got paid. You saved my money! Are you recommending cashing out from Centument or Porter,or both? I was thinking on keeping Porter as my broker, but definitely unsubscribe from Centument.

Is that ok in your view? Would you mind sending me a link of one that you recommend? Would greatly appreciate it!!! Look for a simple job from home and dont waste your time on fake apps like centument and Gerald Reed. Well trading is not for you. Your English is good so try looking for an online translation job. Pay isnt that good but where you are from should be ok.

Even the best system has risk involved and I cant see you taking chances the way your life is right now. Prior info for my Banc De Binary proved true. I use them time to time, and works well. Oooooookaaaaay… So I kinda..

I kinda gave them my credit card number when someone from London, England called up. They only know my credit card number right?

Correct — they will not. Nice move to protect yourself, now just contact your bank to see if there are any unapproved overseas transactions. Hi Jane, Send them you documents and proceed to the cashier section of the software to cash out — if you encounter any issues let me know. Hi Adrien, No it will not I believe they had the malware removed due to customer complaints.

I signed up with centument Ltd. Thanks…was just going thru internet and come across thin centument…even when back of my head says its too good to be true…i filled up forms…within 10 or 15 minutes i received a call…but because it was already 1. Now Banc de Binary are their broker. Although I got a refund, they were acting for Channel Ranger, another scam.

Why do licensed brokers do this? Not Your Usual Review! SrS Trend Rider 2. Wall Street Forex Robot 2. Hi 3E, Please read these reviews: You mean Virtnext signals?? Have you encountered something like this before? Yea they are ok. Not the most polished look but payouts on time. They were recommended to me by Binary Profit Method. Hi Gerard, centument is a huge scam. How much did you deposit with Porter? Run like the wind. What do you recomend because i cant work.


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