Darden stock options for employees. Darden benefits and perks, including insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and vacation policy. Reported Great paid time off get 2 weeks paid vacation your first year plus 5 flex days a year to use whenever you like, great k and stock purchase plan. Full offering with many options for health, dental and vision.

Darden stock options for employees

What Are Employee Stock Options?

Darden stock options for employees. What are Non-qualified Stock Options? Employee .. Common terms used with Employee Stock Purchase Plans. $25k Limit Rule A type of broad-based stock plan which permits employees to use payroll deductions, accumulated over a specific purchase period, to acquire stock from the Company, generally at a discount.

Darden stock options for employees

Objective Of The Plan. Determination Of Amounts Of Award. Cash Or Other Awards. Participation In Stock Matching. It is the intent of the Company to provide financial rewards to key management and professional employees in recognition of individual contributions to the success of the Company under the provisions of this Plan.

As such, the Committee has designed this Plan to accomplish such objectives. Eligibility will not carry any rights to participation nor to any fixed Awards under the Plan. As early as possible in each Plan Year, management will recommend a list of proposed Participants in the Plan, and the Committee thereupon will determine those who have been selected as Participants for the current Plan Year.

Participants will be those persons holding positions, which significantly affect operating results, while providing the opportunity to contribute to current earnings and the future success of the Company. During the year, other Participants may be added because of promotion or for other reasons warranting their inclusion, and Participants may be excluded from active participation because of demotion or other reasons warranting their exclusion.

In all events in which a Participant is eligible to receive an Award, the Award will be prorated based on the total days employed during the Plan Year in a position eligible for participation in the Plan.

Individual performance for the Plan Year will be determined as follows: Near the end of each Plan Year, each Participant will submit to his or her supervisor, a summary of accomplishments related to individual performance during the year.

The Committee acting in its discretion, subject to the maximum amounts set forth below, will determine the amounts of Awards to Participants for any Plan Year. Such determinations, except in the case of the Award for the Chairman of the Board, will be made after considering the recommendations of the Chairman and such other matters as the Committee will deem relevant.

Any Award which is granted for a period of more than one Plan Year shall be made no later than the 90th day of the first Plan Year. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the maximum Awards payable with respect to any Plan Year to any Participant will not exceed two tenths of one percent 0.

For this purpose, the value of the Common Stock, restricted stock or restricted stock units that are part of any Award will be based on the fair market value of the Common Stock subject to the Award on the date the Award is made. In all events, however, any Award in the form of cash shall not be paid, and any Award in the form of Common Stock, restricted stock or restricted stock units shall be forfeited, unless the Company has Consolidated Earnings for the Plan Year for which the Award is granted.

Further, an Award based on a period of more than one year will be limited to the aggregate Consolidated Earnings and sales of the Company for such period of years, excluding any year which the Company has no Consolidated Earnings. Any Award in the form of cash shall not be paid, and any Award in the form of Common Stock, restricted stock or restricted stock units shall remain subject to risk of forfeiture, until: Awards will be paid in cash, Common Stock, restricted stock or restricted stock units, or any combination of the foregoing, as determined by the Senior Vice President, Human Resources.

Subject to the terms and conditions of Part III of this Plan and, where applicable, to the Stock Matching Provisions, a Management Employee is eligible to receive an Additional Incentive Award in the form of cash, or if so determined by the Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Common Stock, restricted stock or restricted stock units, or any combination of the foregoing. If an Additional Incentive Award, or any part thereof, is designated as being made subject to the Stock Matching Provisions, then the following provisions shall apply: All such deposited Stock will be Matching Restricted Stock, which will be delivered to the Participant upon vesting.

In the event of termination after attainment of age 55 and 10 years of service but prior to the completion of the Restricted Period, provided the Participant leaves his or her shares, if any, on deposit, the Participant will vest in all corresponding shares of Matching Restricted Stock as of the earlier of attainment of age 65 or the end of the Restricted Period. In the event the Original Deposit Stock is withdrawn or a required deposit was not made, all Matching Restricted Stock will be forfeited to the Company.

In order to defer all or a portion of the cash Award for a particular bonus period, a Participant must make a valid election under the FlexComp Plan by executing and filing a deferral election form with the Company pursuant to the terms of the FlexComp Plan. This Plan will be effective in each fiscal year of the Company and will be administered by the Committee and the Committee will have full authority to interpret the Plan.

Such interpretations of the Committee will be final and binding on all parties, including the Participants, survivors of the Participants, and the Company.

The Committee will have the authority to delegate the duties and responsibilities of administering the Plan, maintaining records, issuing such rules and regulations as it deems appropriate, and making the payments hereunder to such employees or agents of the Company as it deems proper. Notwithstanding the above, an amendment, modification, or termination affecting previously accrued benefits may not occur after a Change of Control without the written consent of a majority of the Participants determined as of the day before such Change of Control.

The Committee shall have the authority and discretion to make any determination regarding the specific implementation of this provision with respect to such Participants.

In the event the Company will effect one or more changes, split-ups or combinations of shares of Common Stock or one or more other like transactions, the Board or the Committee may make such adjustment, upward or downward, in the number of shares of Common Stock to be deposited by the Participants as will appropriately reflect the effect of such transactions. In the event the Company will distribute shares of a subsidiary of the Company to its stockholders in a spin-off transaction, the shares of stock of the subsidiary distributed to Participants, which are attributable to Restricted Stock, will be vested and delivered to the Participants subject to any specific instructions of the Committee.

Except as otherwise provided in this Plan, neither any benefit payable hereunder nor the right to receive any future benefit under the Plan may be anticipated, alienated, sold, transferred, assigned, pledged, encumbered, or subjected to any charge or legal process.

If any attempt is made to do so, or if a person eligible for any benefits becomes bankrupt, the Committee, in its sole discretion, may terminate the interest under the Plan of the person affected and may cause the interest to be held or applied for the benefit of one or more of the dependents of such person or may make any other disposition of such interest that it deems appropriate. All questions pertaining to the construction, validity and effect of the Plan will be determined in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida and the laws of the United States.

At the beginning of each Plan Year, each Participant will develop written objectives for the year, which are directly related to specific job accountabilities. For the Chief Executive Officer, such objectives will be reviewed and approved by the Committee. A Management Employee under age 55 as of the last day of the Plan Year who is selected to participate in the Stock Matching Provisions of the Plan may do so by depositing shares of Common Stock based on a percentage of his or her Base Incentive Award, which percentage the Committee will set on an annual basis.

Such percentage may vary by employee group and from year to year. The Company will notify each Management Employee who participates in the Stock Matching Provisions of the maximum number of shares of Common Stock which he or she is permitted to deposit under the Plan, and each Participant may choose to deposit all or any portion of the number of shares permitted to be deposited.

Elections regarding Stock Matching participation are effective for the current Plan Year. A Participant may temporarily withdraw all or a portion of the shares on deposit for all Plan Years other than Matching Restricted Stock in order to exercise Company stock options, subject to an equal number of shares of Common Stock being immediately re-deposited with the Agent after such exercise.


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