Dynamic sync trading system free. Attached all indicators with 12 tpl files + user's manual. Free Download. If you find that topic is useful, please click on share in your social networks to support Forex winners.

Dynamic sync trading system free

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Dynamic sync trading system free. Dynamic Sync Trading System. December 29, 11 Comments. Dynamic Sync Trading System Attached all indicators with 12 tpl files + user's manual. Free Download If you find that topic is useful, please click on share in your social networks to support Forex winners. Read MoreĀ».

Dynamic sync trading system free

Discussion in ' Scam Alerts ' started by tandws , Jan 9, This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Dynamic Sync Trading System 1. Jan 9, Messages: The seller was suppose to be Jhon Carson who is an experienced trader. There was many good testimonials from satisfied customers on the website. Livio who is taking care of the business is very voluble and persuasive, however his explanations do not work!

The following claims were made. Ask for a guarantee that the indicators don't repaint before you buy! This resulted in many loosing trades which are not reflected in the system 2 Instead of Jhon Carson replying to my email, it was a person named Livio who replied to my email. In the website it' stated that Livio is a 28 years old forex trader with 1 year of experience at f-fx. Since the beginning of this month he started a demo account for testing a new set of strategy with Sync Trading System.

However he's now the "guru" who is replying to all the emails and working full-time in some other "normal" job as he claims 3 Consistent losses of pips for past 1 mth.

Basically all the pictures shows good profits upon arrow indicators given. This is the oldest scam in the book. Livio has chosen to ignore those emails, and blissfully replies with more complicated theories and misinterpretations of my questions. He does not want to show customers his losses. Also demo trading accounts does not even allow a login. I made a complaint to Ebay and a couple of days later, the software was delivered by email.

Feb 25, Messages: We don't take this as our evaluation thread, we already have one on Forex-Tsd forum, "Evaluate Commercial Ideas" section. Everybody who wants to fill a claim, or whatelse, is welcome to do that on the right place. None of the main indicators show the so-called "repainting" phenomenon. I've coded this indicator this way exactly to have a no-repaint tool wich can assist us on finding high-probability patterns according to the main strategy.

Also, this allow us to backtest our system, going back to the shoots of our charts and looking exactly at the same real-time signals. You're welcome to visit us at F-Fx. About me, I'm a 28yo computer engineer from Italy, I'm the main coder of the system, I'm not a trading guru but I trade forex since 4 years, actually i work every day with John and many others, and I trade this system myself.

Because of that, I'm the most legitimate person to answer all the questions and solve any problems about this system. Thus, as a main rule you can assume for backtest purposes to consider as the entry price the open price of the current candle, generally corresponding to the closing price of the previous candle. Considering as entry or exit price a lower or upper level may result on a better or worst trade, there are no exploitable correlations about that, so IMHO this is just a useless academic defence.

Kindly note also that D. The purpose of the backtest charts shown on our site is just to show the ability of the system to catch the trend in every market condition, with a remarkable profit factor and winning ratio. You Mr "tandws" have never provided us nothing, thus our policy doesn't apply.

We occasionally send technical analysis reports, updates, news as a free bonus. We never send our live trades to customers just to "show results". My personal contacts are sent immediately after the purchase.

If you don't receive any communication within 24 hours, just contact me and i'll provide as soon as possible. Kindly allow me just few quick notes. These names are not an AKA, as from the title of this thread. We will take action against who post personal details in public forums. The fastest way to contact us is trought the "contact us" page of forexsync. Hope you all the best in trading. Nov 6, Messages: I also bought Forex Dynamic Sync trading system and unfortunately I have to agree with the first claim The system repaints the arrows But all the other indicators work normally.

This system is not bad, and comes with a very nice manual about Forex education. Certainly you need to get your way around and if you are a newbie to this market you can focus on the education material provided with the system rather than the system itself. I personally use the momentum filters from this system together with other system whose arrows do not repaint.

I believe the Dynamic Sync is also overpriced. If this system was so good, people would be trading it instead of doing other jobs.. Who doesnt want to get out of the rat race??? Especially now that inside offices people have to work 3 or 4 times more due to unemployment Jun 5, Messages: I bought DSTS too, version 1. I don't know which version have bought who claims it does but i've never found any problems with my system.

I agree that the learning material is appreciable for newbies and experienced. Anyway, a trading system is not the "holy grail": If you're not willing to do your homeworks this system is useless.

Nobody will leave his rat-race without hard work Oct 3, Messages: Trust me, I'm the last person who would forget about demo first, then try small lot sizes. I said that so many times it was quicker to write articles about it. It's mentioned in several of the articles I wrote here I also agree that someone demanding a refund after just a day or two is probably not doing justice to testing your system.

Even if backtesting doesn't look promising, one should forward test on demo to get more information. On the other hand, if a solid month of demo testing shows a serious loss, who would want to try a month or even 2 weeks of live trading to qualify for a refund? I haven't tried your system, so can't say how good or bad it is, but I would be quite hesitant to pay money any system that insists that I go from demo trading to live trading to qualify for a refund even if the demo trading isn't profitable after a whole month.

Nov 16, Messages: Just as Pharaoh said above but I'll put it bluntly. It would be sheer stupidity for anyone to go live if their demo test failed. Your refund policy is unreasonable. Something to think about: Vast majority of customers would gladly absorb the cost of a commercial trading software if it was truly profitable.

Unfortunately the reverse has been proven to be true; vast majority of commercial trading software are not profitable. I've just read your articles about how to choose a commercial trading system and I've found them very reasonable and useful. In particular this sentence catch my attention: You must log in or sign up to post here.

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