Forex contrarian indicator. The strategy below was published in 'Sentiment In The FOREX Market' by Jamie Saettele. Retail Sentiment is a contrarian indicator during trending markets. The flipping of the ratio is a more accurate signal of a turn in price than extreme positioning. The Retail Sentiment confirms the price action during.

Forex contrarian indicator

Contrarian Trading Defined

Forex contrarian indicator. # Contrarian Trading System. Submit by joy Time Frame H1 or higher. Pairs: GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, GBP/JP, AUD/JPY, GPB/CHF, USD/CAD. Indicators: Stochastic over BS. Squidster. Bolliger Bands (20, 3). Long Entry. StochsOverBS - red or pale red. A red arrow. Short Entry. StochsOverBS - green or pale green.

Forex contrarian indicator

Community Links Members List. Mar 23, , 1: Likewise, a reading of —2 indicates there are 2 sellers for every 1 buyer. Why is it important? Crowds move markets and at major market turning points, the crowds are almost always wrong. When crowd sentiment is overwhelmingly positive or overwhelmingly negative? Sentiment has long been a tool used by equity, futures, and options traders.

I will be posting here as well as my as I see interesting setups. Last edited by barjon; Mar 23, at 8: Mar 23, , 4: I'm personally a big fan of the sentiment indicators.

Look forward to your thread! Mar 23, , 5: This signifies that there are 5. RPM is a contrarian indicator. According to Currensee data, break even for most retail positions is 1. Central banks usually intervene when liquidity is low - last Fri evening would have been a prime time Please see my blog for this significance. My goal is to give you information that can help you in your trading. I believe retail positioning should be considered whether your swing trading or scalping.

Originally Posted by oiltanker. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Search this Thread Advanced Search. Page 1 of Retail Positioning - The Ultimate Contrarian Indicator its more based on what the stupid people are doing then going against them, as apposed to the amount of trade. Retail Positioning - The Ultimate Contrarian Indicator do bank traders really care what the retail mouse clickers are doing?

The Ultimate FX Predictor. Aug 3, 2: Jun 19, 8: Oct 25, 3: Jan 19, 9: Contrarian feeling Usd oversold? Jan 9, 9:


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