Forex king indicator. FOREX Trade Like A King Andrew Johnson. Crossover: When it comes to measuring the trend, there are multiple indicators or tools for which to do so. The most common of these is what is known as the moving average crossover. The crossover is the point at which the currency you are following and the indicator that.

Forex king indicator

Profitable and simple FOREX strategy / Using Volumes indicator

Forex king indicator. Indicator for: Two indicators work togethre to provide trading signals. Free Download: Forex Cash King SR mtnmaven.com4. Forex Cash King mtnmaven.com4. Pdf user's guide. Free Download. If you find that topic is useful, please click on share in your social networks to support Forex.

Forex king indicator

Black King's Indicator - simple, easy, profitable. Do you get a total of pips trading only one pair or do you trade multiple pairs to acheive this? I'm entering trade twice daily. There will be more if we use scalping, but there must be at least an additional tool to remove false entry signal. Do you interest use this method? Just wait, this tool is still on trial.

I have been using this indi 4 about 2 months. There still a little bit imperfect entry when market is sideways. Hopefully in the next version it can be covered. Is there any suggestion? We, of course, all sure are!! Only most of indicators is got from many sources. I have been testing this. And you demo it since 2 month now, nice! I never give any password or protect my files. I never use a demo account, I use live account with small quantity to try this. The attached files is the result of my entries.

I use metatrader 4 V 2. Use small quantity first, then after you sure that You can handle this indicator, increase step by step. I see RSI Price line for entry. As I wrote in manual. Please read it carefully, the arrows is just for confirmation.

But if you tend to use them, please wait for at least 2 of them appear. SL TP As I see from our conversation, I see your personality is tend to be a long time trader. Please open position via hourly or bigger time frames. If you see the chart too often, it will attempt you to close.

Just believe to systems and your money management. You'll find a lot of difficulties and very high risk if you try to be a scalper. I ve tested yor whole template a bit and i've tried to separate indicators and create a new much more simple system design. I eliminated most of you indicators and i replaced them with some basic rsi stoch or macd. I think i'm on to something with one of your indicators. That indicator is the kingstrendsigSig.

I was hoping tht you can explain me what is behind this indicator and how it is created. If i can better understand how the indicator work maybe i can find a better way to filter out some of the false signals it gives. If you also have the mq4 file kingstrendsigSig. I would really love to play a little bit with the code behind this indicator and one thing that i really want to do is to add a sound alert to this indicator. Even though MT4 opens the ex4 file as an indicator it can not be open in metaeditor for the code to be seen so i am hoping that you can help me and upload the mq4 file.

I would really appreciate that. Here is the MQ4 files you're need. Sorry, I forgot to include it to my zipped files. There are also some indicators that I need you to test. I just want to add it to my scalping systems. In past, I used those indicators, but the results aren't satisfy me. So I tend to remove them and seek for something better. Maybe they aren't suitable with my trading style.

Please tell me how they are working in your new templates, and how is your new template form. There are still some losses, even tough it can be covered by profits those still bothering me. Hopefully in the future I can make my indicator work better. Don't use an indicator if you can't handle it, or you'll got into lose. So use a small live account or demo account first till you can handle this indicator, then after you sure that you can handle it, you can increase the quantity step by step.

Once you loss those 2 words, soon you'll be disappear from the market. Have downloaded all your files. I think I have done something a bit stupid as when I try to load the template Metatrader crashes. Have copied the template file into Experts-templates and Metatrader-templates files but it still crashes when I try it. Have you any ideas on this, really wanted to give it a try.

Black King's Indicator Beginner Questions. Try this indi, never lose anymore Hi, it look good How long are you using it youself? How many trades do you make in an average day using this indicator? So, it's you're indicator? I mean, you "build" the template and the strategy yourself? What's the result at this time?

I mean, you start with how much and right now, 2 month later, what your account look like? I cannot unzip the file for this indicator. The system is asking for a password. Send me your email address, I'll send you personally. I'll inform you every improvement. Hi Rifakhodijah, can you tell me, or us, what kind of target profit do you use for your system AND, when do you exactly go long or short?

Do you wait for the "big arrow in a circle red or blue"? Best regards, Cristian Dima. And also please send me back your result of modification, so I can use it further.

Happy and success trading, Rifa Khodijah. Mistakes is a part of human being, Nobody is perfect. Happy and success trading, Antonius Triyatno logged as rifakhodijah. Hi, do you know how you could make it work all by itself? Like a automatic system to test it? Hi, Please forgive me, I don't know. I'm not a programmer. Happy and success trading, Antonius Triyatno.

Hi, Have downloaded all your files.


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