Forex review avafx. AvaTrade, initially established in as AvaFX, is an online forex and CFDs broker that is based in Dublin, Ireland. AvaTrade specializes in offering trading services for Bitcoin, commodities, equities, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), bonds and market indices. Since their inception, AvaTrade has expanded tremendously.

Forex review avafx

Avatrade Withdrawal Review

Forex review avafx. 1. Ava Fx cancelled , euros of my profits. Read my full story here: Stay away from them! There is a big class action against this broker. Tags: AvaTrade reviews.

Forex review avafx

Were you satisfied with the quality of AvaTrade broker services? Recently I tried to open a new account with this broker in my name since first account was in another person's name.

Ava trade has messed up on verifying my documents over 6 times now and has led me to believe I have been verified when actually I have not. I have been waiting for weeks for my account to be verified and have received multiple emails and talked to support staff that all say the documents have been approved then five minutes later will proceed to say, "sorry there has been a mistake you have not been approved, you should be approved by tomorrow".

Then I will hear this same story the next day when I contact them again. I have had to send the same documents over and over. The amount of mistakes this broker has made is appalling and their petty apologies are meaningless. They have caused me to miss out on important trading opportunities and I would not want this kind of experience to happen to anyone else. The customer support offers little help and this broker really needs to get it together. They will take your money no questions asked then make you jump through all these hoops just trade with or withdrawal your funds.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from this broker. Thank you for choosing AvaTrade. Your feedback is very important to us. You have to practically fill a form, sign it, fax or scan the copy..

This is the first live trading account I have had, so I really have nothing to compare too but so far pretty happy, they have lots of free webnairs, education with Hush trade, senior account manager Aaron Frankel, always answers my questions with emails and even live chat. I have heard of other brokers, spreads widing and if not manualing watch, orders are not closing at your targets. Their spread is higher then others if seems like but no commissions ,execution and fills are fast.

So far nothing bad to say, one broker advertises 0. I also had a senior trader that was trading for 8 years recommend this company. So far pretty good. Ava Fx cancelled , Read my full story here: There is a big class action against this broker.

I have been planning to open live account with AVA FX, but on this site i found one fellow trade posting about the fact that this broker is unregulated. So, i wanted to check out.

I am not sure what to say. I chatted with the customer support and firstly she did not reply for about 10 minutes at all. I asked her again and then afer some time she gave me a link that showed that they are registered and regulated. Then i asked her why it is written in their customer agreement that they are unregulated. This time she did not reply at all and then the chat was disconnected. Please fellow traders, check the authenticity of this broker before investing. Also if anyone has got good experience of withdrawals please let me know.

Hi, I have been trading with avafx for 6 months. These guys are really supportive and have excellent customer support. Even u drop a message they will call u back instantly.

They have a vriety of plateforms according to customer need. I do'nt know why some guys propagating against them. All traders always be careful when opening a live account with any brokers. But when you read their agreement. It shows that they are unregulated under british virgin island country. In this site you will see that they are fully licensed and regulated.

This is just an info being shared to everybody, I have no bad intention at all. They never reply to your emails. I can't understand why. Although claim to provide "Hour trading and support" Anyhow, just my 2 cents Try it yourself, if they don't get back to you, may be you shouldn't open an account with them Welcome to experience the Broker Search on a whole new level!

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