Indian trade classification harmonized commodity description and coding system. ITC means Indian Trade Classification, also known as Indian Tariff Code (ITC). This schedule has two parts – First schedule with an eight digit nomenclature and the second schedule with description of goods chargeable to export duty. The first schedule is based on H.S code system. The Indian Tariff Code.

Indian trade classification harmonized commodity description and coding system

Indian Tariff Classification and Export Import Policy Of India

Indian trade classification harmonized commodity description and coding system. The data refers to details on Import Export Classification, ITC (HS) Code and Import Policy. ITC (HS) codes are better known as Indian Trade Clarification (ITC) and are based on Harmonized System (HS) of Coding. It was adopted in India for import-export operations. Indian custom uses an eight digit ITC (HS) code to suit.

Indian trade classification harmonized commodity description and coding system

The information provided here is part of Online export import business guide course. Export benefit schemes in India. Export procedures and documentation. Export benefit schemes from Export Promotion Councils. HS code, a brief idea. HS code means Harmonized System Code. HS code description and coding System was created by the World Customs Organization WCO to categorize goods into approximately 5, commodity groups, which is accepted and implementing by more than countries worldwide.

Some of you may get confused about the number of digits in HS code. Does HS code contain 2 digit, 4 digits,6 digits,8 digits or 10 digits. Let me explain in simple language to make you understand easily about HS code which is also known as HTS code. First two digits called 'Chapters', First four digits is called 'heading' and six digits 'sub heading'.

Let me once again simplify with an example. I hope, I could make you understand easily. However, each country can modify by adding two digits or four digits as per their requirements without changing first six digits.

So Countries which use the Harmonized Systems Codes are allowed to define commodities at a more detailed level than 6 digits, but all definitions must be within that 6 digit framework. Here, the classification under first 6 digits remains same without violating common code of WCO, but additional 4 digits are categorized in more detailed level.

I have written an article to have a brief idea about the difference between HS code and ITC code in this web blog. GST Exemption list of goods and services. How to settle dispute in Exports and Imports? What are the risks and solutions in Export Business? How to export your product?

How to import your product? How to protect parties each other in triangular exports Is letter of credit safe mode of payment? How does Letter of Credit work? How does STP units work in India? What does LCL mean? Thursday, July 10, thanks it was very helpful. Ismael Rodrigo Schneider Says: Saturday, July 26, Good!

Should I use a 10 digit code to export to USA? Should I reduce it to 8 to export to India? Thank you very much! Wednesday, August 13, Thanks! That was very informative! Monday, September 29, You express in excellent simple english that is very much useful as well as helpful for the beginners to understand that import export is so easy and smooth business.

Wednesday, October 15, Dear sir, Thank you so much sir. Wednesday, February 11, I know international trade arena is vast and not easy to cover everything. However ,you covered most of the aspects of foreign trade in a simple manner. Is there any customs assessment like sales tax and IT?

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Could you please advice me on below points. Is it treated as a import or back to town ,We shall responsible only to pay excise duty or customs duty will also applicable, Complete procedure for this transaction? Wednesday, October 14, I am a reader of your website: How to export import.

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Tuesday, December 27, Hi, we starts exporting in different countries. We were thinking about using one same invoice framework for all countries, and therefore using the 6-digits HS code.

Is it mandatory to mentionned these 8-digits HS code? Or is it okay if we stay with the 6-digits? Friday, March 10, Hi. I would like to import an engine and I have found the HS code for it.

My question is if that engine is slightly used, will it be covered under same HS code.


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