Intraday trading strategies formulae. STRATEGIES (FORMULAE) FOR INTRADAY TRADING by mtnmaven.comaySuRe. The intraday movements of share prices are generally governed by Support & Resistance levels. The intraday volume, OPEN, HIGH, LOW, CLOSE & previous CLOSE prices are very important & one should track these prices.

Intraday trading strategies formulae

Intraday Trading Strategy (Not known by even Market Expert)

Intraday trading strategies formulae. The risk associated with Intraday trading is very high then other trading. But, if trader plays safely with right trading rules, he/ she can have success in Intraday. Learn Best Intraday Trading Method Read This Article. For More Detail: Intraday Trading Techniques, Formula and Strategies | NTA®. Regards,. Ankita Nadawani.

Intraday trading strategies formulae

Strategies and Formulae for Intraday Trading. Previous data of 3 to 5 days is what is to be maintained or tracked. And the intraday data prior to the trading day is important.

If we are trading on Tuesday than intraday data of previous day i. Monday is what we need. The opening price for the particular day. The highest price for the particular day. The lowest price for the particular day. The closing price for the particular day. Some basics for a novice trader: Intraday as the term itself is self explanatory is the position you take and clear on the same trading day. As a general understanding of trading people feel that they have to first buy something to sell it later at profit.

You sell suppose XYZ share Rs. Your transaction is complete. Short sell is exactly opposite of the buy first and sell later transaction. A simple reason is that you cannot be two persons at one time, or you cannot have two views at a time.

Once you master one strategy, you can practice another and apply. YOU can also make profits forever by sticking to one strategy forever.

A little study or homework is compulsory to be successful and self sufficient, independent trader. If you track the Close price you will wonder the Open price of the trade day is not always the same as that of the previous days Close price.

It is because the Operators according to the sentiments lay a trap in which small traders get trapped and run into losses. Remember you should close your positions in this time frame For this strategy it is compulsory to choose shares with very high volumes for example shares in nifty or for that matter other shares with volumes above 5 lac or 10 lac Take the following figures and trade plan with you on the basis of calculations given below.

This strategy requires you to be very fast in taking decisions and accordingly positions. Furthermore One should compulsorily come out or close the position in the mentioned time frame or as soon as target is achieved. Sell just below HIGH price if it is not breaking the high price for 3 minutes. Best results are observed if: Buy just above LOW price if it is not breaking the low price for 3 minutes.

Close but far below SELL price. Best results if market is bullish. Never average in loosing position. Average only in winning positions. One can check it out at Squeeze thread.

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