Kiwi cable forex. Dear people, Just a short question. I know that GBP/USD is called the "cable" Do any of these others have nicknames?: USD/JPY USD/CHF EUR/USD!! And who is the "Loonie"?

Kiwi cable forex

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Kiwi cable forex. Forex Terminology - Cable: Forex slang for the Pound / U.S. Dollar (GBP/USD) currency pair. The term \.

Kiwi cable forex

In everyday trading currency pairs are often referred to by nicknames. I've been in the forex market since the middle 90s and haven't heard of most of these used among institutional traders. They might be localized slangs, or maybe they are relatively recent and I'm just not that hip. As Sweet Pip notes, the loonie comes from the coinage and I wouldn't be surprised if the kiwi was the same, though New Zealanders are commonly called kiwis, so that could be it too.

Fiber strikes me as a joke on cable. Hence the name for the currency pair. It could be true what the one said before. I knew about fiber, but all people around prefer to call it "euro" and I stay to it. Never heard of chunnel, matie, up to now, but the others like cable, aussie, kiwi, loonie, are common names we use.

Sterling is the name of the currency, not the name of the pair. The latter would be euro-sterling. I know exactly what do you want to say. Being around for a while, and even working for a broker for some time. This story came actually for some "trainer" that time.

He advised us to avoid this name in any other places where it does NOT refer to the currency. If you MUST use nicknames, then use cable for the first, and maybe he said something about chunnel too, but I don't remember. I personally use "cable", "aussie", "kiwi", "loonie", but the EURUSD is always "euro", I never use "fiber", and please don't tell me that "euro" is the currency, and not the pair: He said the best is to use the pair name, as it is, which won't bring any confusion.

Related to that, we also use "F" for Swiss F ranc, to make distinction to Canadian dollar. People are free to use whatever they like, as long as they are understood around, and no confusion arise. People around me just call currency pairs by their names. Calling them by nicknames is confusing and pointless. Currency pairs nicknames, where did they come from? Does anybody know where did other pairs' nicknames come from? Do not know why, but it sounds like a bird for me.


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